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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - November 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in November 2016.

The major event/stunt of the month was the Halloween event, which was sponsored by Jude's fake realty company. Nico died after Warren decided to save Sienna instead of Nico. Everyone knew about Nico's crimes before she died including Cameron. He decided to start the fire, which doomed her. There wasn't much with Warren, Maxine and Adam in regards to what happened with Nico causing the miscarriage. Joe also died after he and Mercedes were stuck on the top of the ferris wheel. Mercedes accepted his proposal even though she told Tegan and Scott she would not. Sadly they were only happy for a few moments. They couldn't fit both Joe and Mercedes in the rescue vehicle and he feel from high up in the air. Mercedes is falling apart losing the JJ and Lexi to their grandmother. Ellie brought them off camera to Sandy. Mercedes wanted to take the kids, but Simone calmed her down, but Mercedes won't forgive her mother for letting Ellie have them. Thankfully Mercedes got to say goodbye to the little ones before they went to London. Myra has gone back and forth about Diego and their child. Jesse and Celine are somewhat together.

Alfie was still missing Jade, but was off screen most of the month. Marnie's mother Tabby played by Linda Gray, best known as Sue Ellen Ewing from "Dallas" did a short-stint. She interacted with her biological grandkids and hates Mac. Tabby was livid over Mac and Marnie reuniting. (Hopefully, Marnie will see what Mac can really be like.) Marnie needed money due to Jude's scam, and on her way out Tabby left a check. During the argument, Mac and Lisa had angry sex. They both plan to keep it quiet, though it is awkward as she is now living in Nathan's room. Nathan and Lisa almost broke up over Cleo's email. Cleo explained what happened, surprisingly Lisa understood and they remained friends. Freddie found out that Ellie and Nick slept together, which caused stress. He doesn't know his girlfriend was blacked out, though now Nick does. Holly and Nick like one another, but plan to keep their relationship from Dirk and Cindy.

The Lovedays continued to deal with Joanne's machinations. When Simone visited the woman who had been raising Lisa all these years, she found out that Joanne lied and said that Lisa had been abused. Joanne set up the kidnapping that caused them so much torment. This month she did two awful deeds against them: the first was drugging Simone and putting her behind a van. Louis took the blame and no one was charged. The second happened just in the last week, Joanne blackmailed one of Goldie McQueen's twins to get Louis in trouble at work. Louis confronted Joanne, and knocked her down drawing blood as the month ended.

JP can't deal with having Goldie's twins Hunter and Prince in the house. To help out, they took the Roscoe couch where Lindsay was murdered, after they destroyed the one in the McQueen's home. They also got into trouble at school. JP wants to do a trial living arrangement with James. James can't even think about JP staying for more than one night.

Amy and Ryan went to court, and Ste now can't see the kids. Warren decided to help Ste, and set up Ryan with a prostitute using Goldie as bait. When Goldie first came to town, and was thrown out of the McQueen home, she solicited to get a place to stay. Little Leah was devastated when her advertising was dubbed over with a Welsh accident. Ryan and Amy tried to cheer her up and was successful.

Jude left town with most of the money she scammed everyone out of including Marnie and Sally. She gave a bag to Cindy and said to share it with Tom. Of course, Tom was horrified and didn't want anything to do with it. Eva continued to threaten the Osbornes. Liam left a message and the whole family left the village for safety. Tom left a message for Peri and a note was put on a video game site. They were in Wales, Esther went to see Kim, but Kim hid her from the cops. OB returned due to the missing Osborne family, which made me happy though I look forward to more in that regard.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for November 2016. This month started some new plots, but it was weird how Darren and Nancy were in hiding the entire time and nothing happened with her undiagnosed illness. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do for the holidays.

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