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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Days: Thanksgiving in Soapland 2016

Below are my thoughts about this year's Thanksgiving themed episodes of "Days of Our Lives", which aired on November 28 & 29.

Bo was remembered, as it was the first anniversary of his death. Kim, Kayla, and Roman went to his grave, and off camera, Roman took Caroline. Shawn and Ciara went to the prison to see their mother Hope, who was having a rough time. The Bradys were all back at the pub sharing the day. Abe, Theo, and Valerie also were invited. Characters spoke about what they were thankful for, it started with Roman, then Kim, and Kayla (which was in order of age). Steve jumped in and then Abe and Valerie spoke. Again Valerie was on the phone to her son. Jade shared how she was pregnant with everyone. Kim reminded Kayla about how a mother is as happy as their most unhappy child. Kayla got proof that Jade was pregnant and is allowing Jade to stay in their guest room. The party broke up during the first episode.

The Horton house as The end of the first Thanksgiving episode had JJ seeing his "dead" sister Abby. Jennifer was in the attic talking to Abby, and found Lulu, a present Abby got on her first birthday. Chad brought Thomas, as it was the boy's first birthday. Gabi brought Ari as her brother Dario and Dad were eating in a restaurant and Rafe was visiting Hope in prison. Julie and Doug were together, and she apologized to Gabi during the holiday. The episode ended with JJ seeing his sister. Abby tried to calm JJ down, and hide. JJ went down to tell Chad, and Jennifer stopped her son. Chad, Gabi and the kids went to the park. Abby told JJ that Chad and Gabi are now together, while Chad and Gabi are going to be only friends. Gabi is back with JJ, and the kiss meant nothing.

The Kiriakis clan was only seen on the Tuesday show. Victor, Maggie, Deimos, and Philip were there. Brady brought Tate over. Eduardo went over to Kate's place. Brady wants to act as if Theresa never even existed. On the phone, Eduardo and Deimos spoke business, and Deimos said the one good thing about prison was no family holidays. Eduardo and Kate are now on opposite sides professional, but that hopefully won't influence their personal ties. Brady and Philip also interacted about Titan's concerns. Philip provoked Brady, and Brady punched him. Marlena was called in to help Brady. They were in the church, and Marlena sat with her stepson. Brady felt like he let Theresa down, and perhaps was why she left Salem. Even with everything that happened, Brady still loves Theresa. Philip also apologized to Maggie for wrecking Thanksgiving.

The first episode was more Thanksgiving-like than the second. If they hadn't mentioned the holiday, we really wouldn't know it. Hopefully their Christmas-themed episodes are more inspiring.

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