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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - October 1972

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of October 1972.

Barbara arrived in Madison and reunited with Toni, who walked in on a conversation between Vito and his former paramour. (Vito is one of the many members of the "mother/daughter" romance club in soaps.) Toni was apprehensive at first, but now wants to help her mother reunite with Billy. Accidentally Billy and Barbara ran into one another, not knowing the other's identity. Billy is happy with his life, and considers the Aldriches his family. Carolee and Steve wanted to protect the teen, and saw Barbara as a potential threat.

Mona spent most of the month in the hospital as Matt couldn't prove Mona had a heart attack. He released her, but wanted her to stay in town, so he could check in with her health. Steve made Carolee talk to Mona to convince her it was okay that she lives in their home. (Carolee was frustrated by the situation, but did what her husband asked.) Carolee's main concern when speaking with Mona was that if she in Boston, Steve would spend his time worrying and traveling. Stephanie was on screen this month with Carolee and Emma, but we didn't see her with Steve as he was working. Once back at the Aldrich house, Mona continued to be obsessed with Ann Larimer, while Steve only cared about his family.

John admitted to Althea he could move his feet and ankles again. They kissed and probably did more in bed. Earlier in that week, Cathy and Nick had sex. Nick wants to be a good father to the child he originally wanted to have aborted. Martha wants Nick to be happy, but doesn't trust Cathy. He got Steve to contact an OB/GYN that isn't a pal to do an examination. This freaked Cathy out, and John told Cathy how to handle that. Just tell him she visited her own doctor, who told her she lost their child. Matt and Maggie are still overly invested in this situation, and Greta wasn't seen all month. Unfortunately, we didn't see Matt and Maggie meet Toni's mother. I think it is their fate to be guests at events that we cannot see in their entirety.

Hank is frustrated over his place at Hope Memorial and what he isn't learning. That said, I did appreciate that he called Mike his best friend. He deserves that title, and he also mentioned his lost love. (Wonder when she will show up as that would make sense, as Hank needs a story.)
Those were the highlights of October 1972. The show lost three episodes due to Major League Baseball preemptions for the American League Playoff games which took place on October 10, 11, & 12. It was kind of depressing and distressing to see "The Doctors" give love scenes to couples that the audience isn't supposed to root for, while the ones we're supposed to like barely get any alone time outside of public places.

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