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Thursday, December 29, 2016

GH: Christmas in Soapland 2016

Below are my thoughts and a recap of what happened in Port Charles over Christmas on General Hospital this year.

GH spent the December 23 and December 26 episodes focusing on Christmas, though it wasn't a very festive year. Morgan's death, Julian's convalesce, Franco's guilt and Valentin all provided frustration.

Since Sonny is under house arrest, everyone went to see him. He was with three of his kids (Avery, Michael, and Kristina). Michael and Kristina got a childhood picture of Morgan framed for the grieving parents. Nelle and Sonny's alleged one night stand also was implied again, while Michael was clueless about yet another woman. Jason and Sam stopped by though Jason won't give Sonny any news about "business". Nelle let Carly believe her present to Carly was from Sonny, which was transparent as they were just gloves. Michael brought Nelle home, and she was sad. She has a "box of pain", which includes a rattle.

Alexis had to deal with her new "old" houseguest Julian. Their relationship continues to be extremely dysfunctional. She is drinking, while he is stuck on the sofa. He orders a Christmas tree, and they remember what they once had.

Valentin invited Lulu, Dante, Laura, and Rocco to spend Christmas Eve at Wyndamere to see young Charlotte. While Charlotte was glad to have Emma and Rocco to play with at the house, and Emma investigated for her grandma Anna, who was also in attendance.

Monica read the Christmas story at the hospital. Liz's boys and Jason and Sam brought Danny. This was overshadowed by Dante coming in and telling Liz and Franco that Tom Baker was stabbed to death.

The 26th episode was less about Christmas than continuing the same evening. That said if it wasn't for seeing some kids and showing Monica at the hospital, I wouldn't have realized it was Christmas on the 23rd. Of course, just having the holiday story isn't enough, but it is better than nothing. (The lack of Christmas at Christmas is a complaint I remember the late John Bernadino having before his death in the mid-90s so it isn't a new thing.) Hopefully the episodes around New Year's will be more fun or at least not be about mourning.

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