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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Days: Christmas in Soapland 2016

Below is a summary and my thoughts about "Days of Our Lives" over Christmas 2016. They celebrated the holiday on December 22 & 23.

The first episode picked up where we left off with Chloe having delivered a little girl, but now unconscious, while Nicole worries about getting help. Brady arrives as do some EMTs and they all return to Salem. Chloe is comatose, and no one is sure if she will wake up what condition she'll be in. Nicole decides to name the baby Holly, though she still doesn't know the girl is her biological child.

Abby went to the Dimera mansion to say goodbye to Thomas, and caught Gabi and Chad kissing. This solidified her decision to leave Salem never to return. Chad walked in and found her with their child and was shocked.

Rafe visited Hope at the prison. Even though Stefano was terminal when Hope shot him that information wasn't enough to get her sentence appealed.

The Hortons had their ornament event in the living room. Jennifer, Doug, Julie, JJ, and Maggie celebrate though Victor isn't in attendance because he doesn't really care for the Horton event. (I found it funny they actually referenced these issues.) Shawn, Ciara and Claire also attended as did Abe and his adult children Lani and Theo. Valerie came along too, which gave Claire the opportunity to drop a bug in her bag. Ciara told Claire what to get Theo for Christmas and the baseball card was a hit. Tom is mentioned by Julie, and considering that's her grandfather, this was appropriate. The group sang together, the traditional tune "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" instead of what happened last year, with Claire leading the music.

The second episode focused more on the Bradys and Johnsons than the Hortons. We also saw a continuation of Chad, Abigail, and Gabi's story.

Kayla, Roman, and Steve are at the pub as Joey clears the plates, we don't see Caroline. Jade also spends some time with the older members of Joey's family. Kayla and Steve exchange gifts, which includes Kayla's new skill playing "Jingle Bells" on the harmonica. Justin, Adrienne, and Sonny have a quiet Christmas Eve, as she's not feeling well. They speak about the past after Sonny leaves to join the others who are at the hospital.

Chad and Abby continue to talk, and Abby explains how she was helped by her Grandmother Laura and Andre. (Honestly Abby if anyone knows how bad it is to have a love one fake their death, as Jack did it more than once.) Gabi, Ari, and Dario meet up with Sonny at the Christmas event at the hospital. Steve is Santa Claus, with a special red patch. Kayla is in a Mrs. Claus costume, while Paul is an elf. Ari wondered when Santa became a pirate. Kayla read the Christmas story from the book of Luke, while wearing green reading glasses. Sonny and Paul spend time together with Ari at the tree in Horton Square. While alone, Dario breaks the truth to Gabi that Abigail is alive.

Days did a pretty good job at Christmas this year. Yes, there were characters missing, but it at least felt like a holiday. I do wish that there had been more crossover between the characters as in the past, we saw more people at the hospital. The 26th episode was a new day, but since it wasn't expressly said it was Christmas Day, I chose to omit it. Considering a murder took place during that episode, I'm kind of glad it wasn't technically a Christmas show.

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