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Friday, December 23, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - November 1972

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of November 1972.

Barbara caused a lot of trouble for everyone in Madison. Surprisingly, she was just as Dan Allison described, and considering the man's delusions that's saying something. Barbara had a thing for younger men and musicians. When her current boyfriend came to visit, he propositioned Toni. Billy met Barbara, and it went okay except Billy admitted that he wasn't interested in meeting his biological mother, since he loved his family with Carolee and Steve. This horrified Barbara, which Toni realized and took the boy away. Since Billy mentioned the Aldriches by name, she talked about them with Martha, who gave enough information to phone information to get their number. She lured Billy to her hotel room, and gave him a hockey stick. Billy realized how much Barbara looked like Tammy, who raised him, and freaked out as that was his biological mother. For more than one episode, we didn't see Billy and had no idea if he was okay, which was rather annoying. This caused stress in the Aldrich household, as Carolee didn't want Billy to toss away his relationship with Toni. (Part of me wonders if part of why Carolee was so adamant had to do with her own mistakes.) Mona overheard this and was upset with her daughter-in-law. Barbara saw Toni and Vito together, and decided to end what was left of their friendship. She lied about needing money to get Vito to visit her at her hotel room, and got him into bed. Toni came over, and was shocked to see them together. (Barbara was close to 30, when she was sleeping with 18 year old Vito, which is completely inappropriate though not illegal.) At the lab, Toni and Vito fought, and he slapped her (though that was off screen). Considering what happened with Toni, and how Vito lied about work issues to friend at another hospital, Vito was fired. Nick was livid about it, and wished he had listened to Martha earlier. That said, Matt did say that there was a possibility of more money for the lab, while Nick was out of the office. This also really hurt Toni and Mike's relationship, as Toni worried she was like her mother, and not good enough to be a parent herself. Greta interacted with both of them, and worried about their marriage.

Mona continued to be horrid to Carolee. Steve and Carolee were barely on together, as he was busy with Nick. He at least admitted that he was as much at fault with what happened with Billy as Carolee was. Emma visited Steve's office to check on his plant, and speak to him about his mother. Steve also finally added a picture of Stephanie on his office desk, though he doesn't have one of his wife. Carolee went to Althea for advice, though what does she know about having a teenage boy. Emma met with Mona, and realized that Carolee was right and Mona really didn't like her. Mona called Ann Larimer again, though Ann won't agree to come to Madison yet. On another episode, Emma mentioned Andrew Winters' comments about Wyndham Falls, and Carolee spoke about how their car needs to be replaced though they don't have the money. (Carolee and Steve did get some alone time in the dark, but it was at the hospital in the middle of the day. Another time they were in their living room, with Carolee dressed and fretting about Billy as Steve had an early morning c-section.)

John is able to stand now, and he and Althea seem to be getting along. Cathy was caught in her lies before she could use John's plan in regards to losing her baby. She blamed Steve for everything that was wrong, and the show name-checked attorney Adam Reynolds, whom I miss. Cliff did the DNC to remove the left over tissue from Cathy's miscarriage. Nick wants to annul the marriage as they wed under false pretenses, as he believed they were having a child.

Matt met with the head of the board about the mobile units. Matt hadn't gotten that money approved, and it looked like they wanted to kill the project. Hank and Mike were asked about their experiences, as Matt wanted help saving it. Mike was too distracted with his problems with Toni to be of much help. Maggie got dragged into Barbara's mess, but was disturbed by the woman's behavior.
Those were the highlights of November 1972. There was no episode on Thanksgiving Day (November 23), and the November 29 episode wasn't shown. There was no mention of the holiday, though Greta did reference Christmas coming. It was nice how on the last episode of the month, Maggie and Matt stopped dialogue to kiss in the hospital elevator. Karen's situation of having no memory in Germany wasn't explored, and we didn't see Erich though Stephanie was with Emma and Carolee for a few moments.

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