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Monday, October 31, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - July 1972

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of July 1972.

Vito was surprised to find Toni missing from the motel. She called Mike, and they eloped. The justice of the peace that married them hated weddings even though he performed them and his sister was the witness. Mike and Toni returned home after an off-screen honeymoon wearing matching light blue t-shirts. The couple got along until Toni couldn't keep a secret from her husband: Vito made a serious pass at her before the wedding. Mike was livid, and went after Vito. Nick probably was very glad to get away from the lab and work in neurosurgery when this was going on between the two younger doctors.

In Mike's career, he is now a resident, as he has finished his internship. David Pendleton filled in for Palmer Deane in the role of Hank Iverson. They ran into Mary Nell's mother Lorraine while on a neighborhood round, and she had a mark on her face again. Later we found out Al, her stepfather who was on parole hit the five year old.  Al is played by James Sloyan, who is famous for things that aren't soap operas, though "The Doctors" isn't the only soap he was on over his long career. I'm familiar with him due to his guest starring work in the Star Trek television universe.

Maggie recovered at home, and wore different robes. Eventually she got to go back to work, and celebrated being able to wear her lab coat again, which she compared to ermine. Maggie didn't really see any patients, but that was okay with me.

Nick's life became more complicated due to John Morrison. John convinced Cathy to tell Carl Hendryx about her pregnancy. Of course, Hendryx who hates Nick, relished this information. Right now the board is on break, but Nick may get pressure to marry Cathy if she does have the baby. Of course, no one outside of Cathy and Cliff DeSales knows about the miscarriage, and Cliff has no idea that Kitty is Cathy Riker. Steve suggested that Cathy go see Cliff, and Cathy was stuck. Holly Peters is now playing the part of Miss Riker. John meanwhile was out of the hospital and back in his apartment with Althea. He is able to move his legs again, but is lying. Nick just wants to marry Althea, but until that divorce happens it isn't possible.

We were introduced to Steve's mother Mona, as she visited her son and Erich in Germany. Mona had just divorced her latest husband, who Steve only knew as having a name starting with A. He wasn't happy about Mona wanting to come to Madison for a visit. Carolee wanted to impress her mother-in-law and pushed it through for Steve to get a home. It was big enough for the two younger kids and Billy. They seemed to enjoy moving into their new home though it wasn't completely without stress. At least they were allowed to smile even if it took time for Erich to adapt. Off screen, Carolee decided to speak in fake "German", which helped Erich to eat, thankfully. It looks like they recast Stephanie with a younger baby, and we got to see both of Steve's kids together, which was adorable.

Those were the highlights of July 1972. The Friday, July 21st episode was missing, and I'm not certain what we missed. What was funny is that there were instances where John in bed, Steve welcoming Maggie back to work and Martha singing along with a typewriter all broke into song, while at the hospital. I wish I knew why it happened, but it good times.

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