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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - September 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in September 2016.

Simone tried to bribe Lisa to stay away from Nathan. Lisa took the money and used it for a downpayment for a place to move in with Nathan. Cleo is now realizing she has feelings for Nathan, and Marnie would prefer her to Lisa. Simone also had a murder mystery night, which went badly for everyone.

The new year at school began, and Dirk's nephew, Nick arrived. He couldn't afford anywhere to stay so he moved in with Dirk, Cindy, Hilton and Holly. Marnie gave Nick a job at the front of the house, while having Cindy do dishes. They both wanted to switch positions. Before classes, there was a big party for the students at Grace's club. Ellie, who was heartbroken about Freddie sleeping with Joanne, got way too drunk. She and Nick had sex, though it may not have been consensual as Ellie didn't recall what happened the next morning. When she told Lisa about it, Lisa felt it was no big deal. Ellie reconciled with Freddie, but he knew something was upsetting her.

Joanne continued to pursue Joe, by trying to destroy Mercedes. She was livid that Joe decided to reunite with Mercedes after she got out of jail. Mercedes overslept and didn't get to the registry office on time. Joanne claimed she couldn't get the paperwork, but Joe saw through her and got the license. During the hen party, there was a fight between Cindy and Tegan. Joanne took the opportunity and put drugs in Mercedes' purse to keep the wedding from happening. Freddie is on Mercedes side, and believes she didn't have the drugs, while Joe is uncertain. Joe ended up not going to the church, leaving Mercedes heartbroken. Mercedes and Joe had it out, and she found out about how Joe and Joanne had an affair. Joe felt that if they stayed together there would always be drama. John Paul tried to comfort his sister, as she did nothing wrong. Mercedes saw Joe and Joanne talking. In her slip, Mercedes went into a car, which she crashed into Nightingale's. After that act, she told Joe that she lost herself while with him and now she's back. Cindy saw the accident site and made a snarky remark about how she likes how Marnie remodeled the place.

Mercedes and Joe had to share their wedding day with Diego and Celine. They were marrying solely to get Diego's family money. His evil mother, Juanita, hated Myra, so Diego had to find another way. Myra had plotted together to get cash for a lie about her pregnancy, as she was the new octo-mom. The plan was foiled as Jesse and Celine spoke on a live mike and the truth was out. To make up for it, and to get a percentage of the money Celine agreed to marry Diego. Jesse told Celine that he still loves her, as he has no idea why she ended their relationship. Myra interrupted as she loves Diego more than the money. They admitted their feelings, and Juanita said if Diego is with that streetwalker, he'll never get the cash. Jesse and his brother Liam decided to get drunk together. Celine found Jesse and told him the truth. He rebuffed her. Myra and Diego ended up having a ceremony in the living room, which wasn't legal and only attended by Cleo and John Paul. It was crashed by a group of women who said that Diego conned them out of money.

Neeta and Mac didn't get married as she believes him to be abusive. She ended it at the altar, and Mac blamed James, while it was Marnie who trashed the party. Mac beat James, and John Paul who just regained his sight saw the fight. James admitted the truth about how he suffered abuse from his father's hand growing up, but there was no evidence. Neeta now is living with Grace, but Neeta doesn't seem like the type to fall for Grace as Esther wondered if she'd be replaced as Grace's best friend. On the day the wedding didn't happen, Jade discovered a lump in her breast. It was found to be cancerous, so she's back in treatment. While waiting to find out either way, Jade and Alfie lived what would be if they had years together. They even had a sweet commitment ceremony and a honeymoon.

Eva, a policewoman, is Jack's niece, and she plans to destroy her uncle's life. Jack let his brother Billy take the fall and spent his life in prison. Billy told Eva to forgive, but she won't. Kim knows that Jack did something awful. Thankfully she is back in Hollyoaks, but not reunited with Esther. Tracy, Liam, Adam, Jesse and Grace's mother came to town. She wanted money and Grace paid her off to leave.

Leela is still trying to get her business off the ground and is pregnant. Courtney continues to look for Lockie while getting no news. Courtney is a science geek and teacher, so she bonded with Alfie. Alfie also enjoyed a chat with the first British astronaut, which was arranged by Marnie to help Cindy get a better relationship with the teen.

Ste and Tony started a new business: spray tanning. Ste realized he was good at it after doing this for Scott as a favor. Lucas and Leah ended up spending a day with Harry and Ste, while Amy and Ryan weren't available. Harry bribed Leah, and she wants to be in the upcoming kids' talent contest.

Early in the month, Patrick's body was found. There was a special group of episodes showing the POVs of the major characters involved. Maxine is pregnant, and it looks like Warren is the father. Of course, Maxine wishes Adam was the dad. Nancy and Darren ended up framing Maxine accidentally, but the cops knew the hair was planted. Nancy is having a health issue, which has yet to be disclosed, and Darren had a close call with his heart when Sienna and Warren held them hostage. Sienna was arrested for the crime, though she realizes that Nico is guilty. Unfortunately all of this was too much for her psyche. Peri was horrified when she realized that Nico drugged Tom. Peri and Tom got closer again regarding their daughter.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for September 2016. The last two episodes of the month really kicked the show into a higher gear. I also appreciate that we're getting the beginning of new stories.

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