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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - September 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours posts. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in September 2016.

Madison's musical career continued she as given the opportunity to try out to sing at a Lassister's on the Gold Coast. While away she ran into her former love Logan who worked for SeaWorld. He decided to stay in Australia to be with her, and she took the performing job. Ben traveled with her to play the guitar. Xanthe ran away to spend time with Ben in her former home. She really missed her mother, but didn't see her though the audience did. Susan went to fetch Xanthe, and on her return home was punished. Angus also was there, and Susan convinced him to move back to Ramsey Street. It now seems Angus has a crush on Elly. Angus also performed, but is too young for a job in a club.

Ned and Elly got closer, but his past got in the way. He dated Regan, who is married to Jacka. He had no idea Regan was wed or else he wouldn't have done so. Bree tried to warn Ned, and Steph was in the middle as a friend of Jacka. She didn't want Ned to get hurt either. Jacka got out of jail for bereavement as his mother was dying and Ned was in danger. Ned doesn't want to miss his father's wedding, but wants to protect the family. Lauren and Brad are happily planning for their wedding and she got dancing help.

Piper got her reports graded by Susan, which proved that Elly was biased against her. For now she is going to remain in Elly's class, but Elly won't be marking her. Piper and Tyler are still just friends. Tyler was mainly involved in Paige's fight. She boxed with Angelina, who was a lot more experienced. Angelina went down and fell into a coma. Paige felt guilty, and wanted to help. It was discovered that Angelina had a preexisting condition that should have made it impossible for her to fight. Surgery was done to remove the tumor and everyone waited for news. Angelina's sister Nikki wants to fight Paige, but eventually they start to get along. After finding Jack and a topless Paige together, Nikki became angry.

The pigeon race had Gary's bird win, unfortunately he got in trouble for doping. Xanthe knew that the bird had been traumatized after seeing friends be killed by Piper's cat that Paul put in the cage. The bird had paracetomol in its system, which is why Gary would be disqualified. Terese gave Gary a job, but wasn't happy about the doping even if she thought the situation was funny. Terese and Gary went on a date. The date wasn't that great, but the kissing was. It seems like they will have to balance work and play.

Two new brothers are in town named David and Leo Tanaka. David is a doctor who likes Amy, while Aaron likes Leo. (Amy also got some closure with Kyle earlier in the month as he came to visit. Jimmy also got to share his feelings. She decided to stay with the Cannings even if they are her ex's family as they see her as family too.) The brothers are fraternal twins, and are looking for their missing father. David stole Karl's password, and Amy discovered him, but he shared why with Dr. Kennedy. If he ends up being Brad Willis, with the clue of Bradley that would be really ironic. Please be a red herring as doesn't he have enough children already?

Steph was rescued before Ari could hurt her. That being said he still did as his attacks along with Charlie being bullied resulted in him leaving town. It is uncertain when Steph's son will ever return to his mother. This was devastating for both Steph and Mark as they acted like a family. Sonya saw what her friends were going through and offered to be a surrogate. Toadie didn't like the idea, but eventually accepted the idea. While Steph and Mark both appreciated the generous nature of their friends they said no.

Those are the highlights of September 2016. I'm hoping that in the future we get more interaction among the various households as due to the fight and the Gold Coast material the stories were a little more separate than usual.

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