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Friday, October 14, 2016

GH: How Sabrina, Paul, & Morgan Were Written Out of the Show

Below I'm going to write about who has left General Hospital in September and October 2016. This does touch upon story in the recent months.

Paul (Richard Burgi) was the General Hospital killer. The last character he killed was Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo), with her last airing on September 23, 2016. Sabrina walked in to find Monica (Leslie Charleson) on the ground and saved her. She realized that Paul was responsible for Monica's attack and died a hero. Paul strangled her, though he wished she hadn't as she was not part of those who wronged his daughter Susan. Sabrina's son Teddy also left town as returned to Puerto Rico with his Uncle Joe (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) after her death. Joe and Carlos (Teddy's father) were identical twins played by the same actor. He departed after Sabrina died.

Richard Burgi's last air date as Paul was October 5. He agreed to plead guilty to all the murders he was responsible for due to the mishandling of her rape, her issues with drugs, and her later mental breakdown like Kyle, Dr. Mayes, Sabrina, and others who were just met in passing. Liz and Monica survived his attacks, while no one knows who is responsible for Bobbie or Lucas being attacked. His last act of desperation was to kidnap Tracy (Jane Elliot) after she figured it out and inject her with a killer combination. Anna returning from out of town figured out what Paul was up to and Mr. Hornsby was captured. Dillion called out his father disavowing him. Paul didn't give up Ava, but told her that in the future, she may have to help him even if he may not leave prison for decades.

Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) died on October 10. The character was blown up after stopping on a bluff. Morgan had stolen Julian's car, and wasn't the intended victim. TJ tried to stop him, and got a punch for his trouble. Jason was with him when it happened, but wasn't able to save him from the fire or the water below them. This story is ongoing so it is uncertain how this will play out for the Corinthos clan. Morgan was having a manic episode as Ava (Maura West) swapped his pills and he was no longer getting the proper dosage. She was devastated by his death, as she did love him. Kiki (Hayley Erin) planned to break up with him, which was part of why Morgan was falling apart, while Michael blamed himself for being inattentive.

Morgan's death has overshadowed Paul's murderous ways and the mourning for Sabrina as Michael has to deal with losing yet someone else. The hospital being closed and potentially sold due to Paul's actions is ongoing, but otherwise the follow through is complete. Felix isn't on enough for us to see him mourn, and Liz and Tracy's upset hasn't been a large focus. Due to how Morgan died, there is a slim chance he could be resurrected some day. We'll see what happens to the actors in the future, and good luck to them in their upcoming projects.

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