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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - October 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours posts. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in October 2016.

Xanthe convinced her family and Amy to go on the Family Feud with her. They were successful in winning one episode, but lost their second. Happily they won "Big Money" for $10,000 Aussie Dollars. Sheila had just found out that Gary and Terese were in a relationship, and both name dropped her during the show. After the program's taping Gary ended it with Terese as he couldn't deal with being her dirty little secret. (Early in the month, Gary did a walk of shame through the complex wearing only black underwear, which was very humorous.)  Xanthe's mom came to Erinsborough and everyone wonders if she is legit or wants the money. Sadly, she seems to be a con. We also found out that Xanthe has a half-sister (they share the same mother), who lives elsewhere named Jessie.

Lauren's hen party consisted of two events. The first was a costume party, where everyone wore costumes themed around flying. Lauren was a stewardess for example, and Paige upset Jack by dressing up as the "flying nun". Susan and Sheila were both witches, Sonya was in clothing inspired by Nell, Terese was an angel, Amy was Wonder Woman, and Piper an aviator. The next day, Lauren and her closest friends/family were on a hot air balloon ride, which was sabotaged by Jacka Hills. Regan crashed to warn Elly, who was still upset that Ned left town. Unfortunately Regan, his wife died of complications. Karl got into trouble with the hospital as he may have been still over the limit, while trying to save her life after enjoying Brad's buck knight a little bit too much. Paige jumped out of the balloon and was found by Jack. She had hypothermia, and she had Jack consummated their relationship. Of course, before Jack and Paige could be happy, his childhood sweetheart Simone came to town. Simone thinks that Jack will continue to be a priest, and found trouble breaking into Amy's car. While this was going on Steph got into a motorcycle accident. It was revealed that Jimmy's drone had nothing to do with it thankfully. Regan's funeral was well attended, and Elly admitted that she wasn't the only one who cares for Ned.

Brad continued to become more ill, as Lauren recovered from her serious injuries from the hot air balloon ride. He even had to go on dialysis and worried for his life. Working backwards they figured out that Ned's tattoo kit needed to be tested. Angus had stolen it, and Ben was about to give him a tattoo, when Karl walked into the house. It was revealed that the ink had additional arsenic added to it, which was making Brad ail. Thankfully, Brad is now on the road to recovery.

Piper and Tyler got closer around her birthday as she is now 17 and legal in Australia. Her family other than Imogen, who lives in America, forgot her special day. Unfortunately they fought again, and she stopped believing in love. She and Angus had sex in Hermoine the car. Aaron found them, and while Piper told her mother she was no longer a virgin, she didn't say who the guy was. Part of why Piper was so messed up about relationships, had to do with the balloon crash that happened earlier in the month.

David and Aaron had a moment, but David doesn't identify as gay. Leo is interested in Amy, and she went out with him after a kiss with David had no sparks. Leo is working for Terese and is a mole for Paul. David found his and Leo's father Bradley, who was homeless.

Sonia ended up seeing Toadie's test that said he maybe able to father another child. That said they continued with the surrogacy plan. Everyone had tests, and it seems like Steph may not have a viable egg, which is heartbreaking to her and Mark. She wanted to end the relationship, but Toadie talked her out of that mistake.

On Halloween, the band performed, but they still couldn't agree on a name. Angus called them "The Test Monkeys", Xanthe wanted "The Fashionistas" and Ben dubbed them "Black Money". Tyler went after Angus over Piper, and later Piper told Tyler now he can feel like she did when he was hooking up with someone else. Meanwhile Angus stole Mark's costume, and surprised a horrified Elly with a kiss. Steph and Mark decided they would try one round of in vitro, and hope it works even if it is unlikely.

Those are the highlights of October 2016. We only have a little bit more than a month's worth of episodes until the December break of "Neighbours". Hopefully most of these stories will be resolved before the end of the year.

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