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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - September 1972

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of September 1972.

Toni's mother Barbara was finally on screen. She had read a story about Webb in the newspaper and went to his hospital room in New York City. Once they heard that Vito moved away, Barbara became frustrated. (What was interesting was that in Barbara's mind Vito was the creep, but she was the one who slept with an extremely young man, when her daughter was 12.) Vito doesn't seem 6 years older than Toni, so what really happened between them. Mike was busy with work as was Toni.

Matt and Maggie spent much of the month fretting about Nick, Althea, and John. They also went to a dinner at the Aldrich house. While Steve and Carolee spoke about the dinner, he was missing from the scenes at the house with Mona, Matt, and Maggie.

Carolee continued to get scorn from Mona about everything. Mona wouldn't give her daughter-in-law an inch, while thinking that Steve was perfect. (Steve is great, but not faultless or blameless for the problems that Carolee and Steve had before they were married.) Steve wanted to keep Mona in the dark about how he was incarcerated awaiting trial for Dan's murder. He finally agreed to tell Mona, but planned to tell her once he returned from Boston with Cliff. The two OB/GYNs had a medical school reunion to attend. Cliff sang Carolee's praises to Mona, and also realized how diplomatic Carolee was being about her mother-in-law. Mona cut the trip to Boston short, as she had symptoms of a heart attack. Steve called off camera, was told about his mother and Cliff drove him back to Madison. Mona had tricked Billy into telling her what happened, by using their "family" connection. Billy was horrified by her attack, and ran away. Carolee was worried, but Billy went to see her at the hospital. She assured the teen, he wasn't to blame. While in the hospital, Steve told Mona what happened, and how he is over it completely. Mona didn't understand how someone could feel that way about her son and he must have been mad. The sad part of the situation is that Mona doesn't blame Dan for what happened or Steve for his unprofessional behavior the night of Dan's death breaking protocol, but Carolee. Eventually Mona was doing well enough that she got out of bed by herself. She wanted to leave, but Hank called Matt to convince her to stay. (It was great to see Hank be someone's doctor on screen.)

The majority of the month focused on Nick, Althea, John and Cathy. While in Steve's office, Cliff met Cathy, and she lied saying that Kitty was her twin sister. There was also a reference to her looking different, which since the role has been recast is obviously the case. Since Cliff bought Cathy's lie, her and John's plan wasn't derailed. John continued to act as though he was paralyzed, and Althea felt that way. Althea and Nick had a huge fight over how Nick treated John, and broke up again. John convinced Althea to drive away to clear her head and not communicate with anyone in town. John got a phone call from Althea, but lied about it. Nick decided he needed to marry Cathy like everyone had told him previously. Nick also quit John's medical case. That being said, everyone was upset with Nick for wanting to do what in the past he refused, which didn't make much sense. At first, Martha thought wrongly that Nick and Althea were going to remarry. This made little sense as Althea is still wed to John, but I digress. Nick and Cathy went to City Hall, and applied for a license. They were given a dress code, and told to bring a witness that knows both of them. Nick decided to ask Pete, who gladly came, and also picked up rings as the best man. It was great seeing a bit more of Pete, as he seemed really happy to be there. Nick and Cathy said "I do" and were told they could kiss. Cathy moved in with Nick, and he decided to sleep on the couch. (At first, Nick wanted Cathy to keep her apartment, but she said that wouldn't be acceptable.) On their wedding night, with Nick in his wife beater Althea came to the apartment. She was stunned to find out that Nick had married Cathy. (This was the exact thing she did to Nick, when she eloped with John.) After leaving Nick's, Althea bought champagne home to John and decided to toast the other couple in an ironic manner.
Those were the highlights of September 1972. I'm hoping we get a new story soon, as all of them have been going on for quite awhile. Maybe Toni and Barbara will meet, and Billy will meet his biological father. Hopefully Mona will get her just desserts once she gets better as I don't enjoy how awful she is being at the moment.

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