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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - October 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in October 2016.

Alfie and Jade lived her last weeks as best as they could. Sadly she was too weak to get a transplant and succumbed to cancer. They even became grandparents as Alfie's pet lizard as she was a girl. Their comet Jalfie also was proven to be a new discovery. Jade had a memorial service, which was filled with music from Little Mix, and a coffin that was biodegradable. Her and Sonia's father appeared, but was too late to meet his younger daughter. He and his new family (he has another son and daughter) were moving to Belgium. Sonia decided to join them to get to know her family. Simone and Zack where heartbroken, while Lisa was hoping it would help things with the Lovedays. Instead things got worse as Zack missed his girlfriend and Lisa called the cops on Simone for "drink driving". Simone was trying to rush to the airport to see Sonia, and was stopped as Lisa tipped them off. Now Simone and Lisa's relationship is even more damaged.

The story about Ellie, Nick and Freddie did not have any play this month. Ellie was mainly seen in her younger brother's story. Grace, Esther, and Kim didn't really get any play either. James got a little bit of story as he wanted Neeta to sue Mac for damages. They were married, and Mac took all of their money after she left him. Unfortunately, the lawsuit timing was bad. James was banned from the memorial, though earlier John Paul clued Nathan into how Mac hit James. Nathan didn't believe it, and James was angry about JP telling his brother. James is lying to JP about going to counseling, and is having a relationship with Chico (who he doesn't love or have sex with, but uses for comfort.)

Mercedes found out it was flour that was put in her purse. Joe didn't care and they still aren't back together. Once Louie shared his past history with Joanne (omitting Zack and Joanne having sex), Joe ended it with her. He realized that Joanne had set Mercedes up and did things like throw a statue into the garage. Joe then decided he wanted Mercedes back, and is planning to propose, but she isn't interested.

Jude Cunningham returned to Hollyoaks. She is Cindy's older sister and Tom's older half-sister. Jude hasn't been on the show since the late 90s and the original actress is in the part. Her return allowed something that seldom happens to occur: Cindy and Tom have had more than passing glances at one another. There was also a reference to Jack's relationship with their late sister, which was inappropriate to their age difference. Jude was in charge of the fancy development that Cindy wishes she could move into, but it is a con. Both Tom and Cindy found out and were angry with her. At the end of the month, the sisters found Nico attacking Tom and rescued him. Eva and Liam still needed the money after neither of them were able to kill Jack. He saw Jude's money and thought about stealing it.

Myra decided she wanted to be with Diego even with what happened. She found one of the women, he conned visiting him, and decided against it. Her mother had given her the advice to find life without him. Jesse and Celine look like they are on the way back together.

The kids' talent contest ended with Leah not winning and Courtney using it as a way to advertise looking for Lockie. Someone was impressed enough by Leah that she got to do a commercial. Ste has been acting erratically and it was discovered that his drug use caused brain damage. At this point, it is unknown whether or not he'll ever be able to be with his kids alone again.

Cameron identified a body at the morgue, and said it was Lockie, but it is uncertain. Peri had enough to Cameron trying to control her. With Nico's help they rigged the elevator. Instead of Cameron getting stuck, Maxine was. Sadly, Maxine's miscarried the child she thought she didn't want. Maxine, Adam and Warren were all sad over what happened. Eventually Peri told Maxine the truth, and they realized that Sienna needs to tell the truth about her daughter. Peri is a danger to everyone and staying in jail keeps no one safe. Nico realized Peri's change of heart and drugged her. She left her again in the woods and went after Tom like mentioned above. The cops found Peri, and Nico was on the run at the carnival with Sienna on her heels.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for October 2016. It seemed like they did a lot of work and got a lot of extras for the Halloween party. Jade's death and the end of the romance between Jade and Alfie was poignant. I'll miss them together.

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