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Saturday, November 26, 2016

GH: Thanksgiving in Soapland 2016

Below are my thoughts about how "General Hospital" celebrated Thanksgiving in 2016. This event was over two episodes (November 22 and 23), though the 23rd ended in a cliffhanger, which wasn't very holiday-related.

The Davis girls and TJ's family spent the holiday together. Sam left Jason alone with the kids to watch football. Jordan and Andre came together, while Curtis came later. There was stress between Jordan and Andre, and Alexis was hiding her extreme fall off the wagon. After this party broke up, Alexis couldn't keep herself from doing wrong. She ended up with Julian, imbibing alcohol and then ran him over with her car. 

Ava and Avery spent some time at the MetroCourt Dining Room to see Kiki. The two sisters broke a wishbone, and Avery got her wish. The youngsters who play the young girl are adorable. Later Kiki went to deliver food to Dillion, but the dining room ran out of turkey. That said, he had a turkey burger, which is the closest to having that kind of poultry on Thanksgiving that any Q had in nearly 25 years.

Sonny who was under house arrest was alone, except for Laura who decided to bring him some cheer. This was a nice change to see those two interact as it has been awhile. Later Nelle appeared and perhaps something untoward happened between Sonny and Carly's assistant. Please let their not be yet another pregnancy.

Carly spent the holiday at home with Jax, Joss, and Michael. They spoke of things they were thankful for, and Carly hallucinated Sonny. Everyone could see and feel the loss of Morgan in this subdued event.

In happier Thanksgiving news, Lulu and Dante remarried. Kevin did the honors. Their son Rocco who looks a lot older, Maxie, Nathan, Laura, and Olivia were their guests. This ceremony was a lot less formal than their first, though it was good for them to have guests we actually know (outside of Olivia who was at both). Since it was a surprise event, Lulu wore a red dress instead of the traditional white. It actually reminded me of Christmas, but that's okay.

Tracy held Thanksgiving at the Qs this year. She forced Monica, Ned, and Dillion to stay by taking away things they hold dear. They nearly ate a poisoned turkey, this time it was marinated in medical liquid instead of brine, before ordering yet another pizza. They also spoke of things they were thankful for this year. Their celebration ended with another singing of "We Gather Together", and a close-up shot of Edward and Lila's photo on the mantle.

So that was the 2016 GH Thanksgiving. It wasn't the most or least festive holiday. I do wish that someone from Monica's side of the Q clan was at the mansion for the day. Having two cliffhangers that weren't holiday related was okay, but if one wanted to they could imagine it ending with singing.

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