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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - August 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about "Neighbours" posts. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in August 2016.

Unfortunately Lucy's visit was over quickly as she accepted Terese's bid for Lassister's and returned to New York City. Madison was Terese's proxy, and took care of the paperwork. Terese decided to get a famous chef named Solomon for the restaurant, but Paul poached him. When he found out about Terese wanting to get musical acts for the Waterhole he booked everyone local. Madison ended up filling in, upsetting the one performer they'd booked named Rhonda, who had been out with Paul. Aaron used to be a backup dancer on tour, which is why they knew her.

Elly saved Nell's life when the snake went after her. Unfortunately, the cure for the bite caused a miscarriage. Elly had no idea she was pregnant or allergic to horses. She and Ned had an awkward meal with Lauren and Brad, as Lauren and Elly have nothing in common. Ned swears he is over Lauren and is moving on with his life. Lauren and Brad are now engaged, as he proposed again. His first proposal was seen by Terese, and Lauren wasn't ready to say yes. She had a dream of her dead husband Matt, and Brad did a romantic gesture, so all was well.

Piper and Elly don't get along, and it is hurting her grades. Elly does seem to care about Xanthe, and was on her side when Xanthe accused Cooper of attacking her. This happened after Allison blocked a call from Xanthe to Ben. Allison wants Ben so much, she is trying to keep Xanthe away, while Ben still wants to date his neighbor. Ben believed in Xanthe's story, but found out from Allison about Cooper. There was a recording made by a vengeful Ryan, of what happened. Tim Collins paid the bribe money, and he and Terese gave the evidence to the Cannings. Terese called the cops on Ryan, who may have legal trouble. Cooper was a victim of abuse, as his mother Maureen, who is a doctor at the hospital gave him a concussion. Cooper blamed Gary, and Gary got into trouble with his parole. Once everything was discovered, Gary was freed. Xanthe decided to give Cooper a break and not press charges as long as Cooper goes into counseling. Both Karl and Susan provided support in this story as much of the action took place at the school, and Maureen worked at Erinsborough hospital with Karl.

Paige decided she wanted to box a woman, and Aaron would promote the fight. She's continuing to practice. She seemed frustrated seeing Elly, Ned, Tyler and Madison in the pool having fun. Paige still isn't over Jack, and actually has been going to Bible study.

Ari, the exterminator, was obsessed with making Steph pay, because of Belinda. He continued to go after her, but admitted to wanting to hurt someone on the street in confession. Jack thought that Ari was targeting Paige, but realized it was Steph. Thankfully, he was able to reach her before Ari did any harm. Clive was in jail, because he was blamed for targeting the Rebecchi's which wasn't the case. If Jack told what Ari said and broke the seal of the confessional, he'll get excommunicated & be free to be with Paige.

Steph told Mark that she didn't want to risk her health to have a child with him. It wasn't that she didn't love him, but due to her past issues with breast cancer and postpartum depression it was a major worry. Mark said he saw her and Charlie as his family. Steph couldn't deal with living in Mark's house full time due to his brothers. Earlier in the month, Charlie was locked in a garbage canister after he defended Jimmy and Amy. He was rescued after Paige admitted hearing an odd noise while in the garage with Tyler. Piper was livid over them hooking up again.

Those are the highlights of August 2016. I find it fun how so many men are interested in Terese: Gary, Tim Collins, Paul and Ryan. While none of them are good enough for her, having a mother and grandmother get so much attention is a welcome change.

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