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Monday, September 26, 2016

"The Doctors" - RetroTV Scheduling Changes

RetroTV changed the airing times of "The Doctors" starting on September 26, 2016.

First off, we're only going to be getting ten new episodes a week maximum. It is on Monday-Friday now both "overnight" and at "lunch" depending on ones time zone. These are continuing where we left off in May of 1972. On Saturdays, four episodes will air, but those are from 1970 from when it moved to overnights from 12-2 pm ET.

On the east coast, "The Doctors" is on at 1 am and noon, with the episodes airing at 1 am being the "new". What is good about this is if there is a technical problem, it can be recorded again in the afternoon. On the west coast, the schedule is the same, so they have two feeds now. So it looks like people in the middle of the country will be getting the show at midnight and 11 am.

I'm glad for this because then there is a good chance that the episodes won't get lost due to issues with local stations. Also I find it great that they've moved "Doctor Who" to an earlier slot, and "Mystery Science Theater 3000" to more than one time on the weekend as not everyone is home in the evenings.

Let's hope that RetroTV shows all the episodes of "The Doctors" that are available. Someday it would be amazing if they would release more of the live programs that were done earlier in the run of the program.

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