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Monday, September 26, 2016

Y&R: More Behind the Scenes Changes & On Screen Departures

This post is going to go into details about which characters are off canvas now, along with what has been happening behind the scenes at "The Young and the Restless". Daytime Confidential broke all the news about the writing changes last week, but now we're seeing proof of it.  Below are my thoughts about it all.

First off behind the scenes: we have Sally Sussman Morina back in the driver's seat. She does have a history with Y&R from decades ago, but we shall see what will happen now. Back in the late 80s, she created "Generations" a soap that was multiracial, and a really great theme. Some well-known or someday known people were in it, but it has been forgotten by many. For years, BET reran the show, which is how some may have seen it. In NYC, it didn't air at a "normal" time, but against the last 30 minutes of "The Price is Right", which obviously hurt its chances of becoming popular. Kay Alden is also back as a consultant. Hopefully they will make a great team and we'll get a mixing of ideas as Mal Young should have a different POV having been in UK television. Anyway, it was totally exciting to see this post today from Angelica McDaniel from CBS on twitter. I squeed in joy, which is why I have to share and post it on the blog for posterity.

Now to who has left recently. Of course, since Justin Hartley got a prime time show on another network, he's out at Adam Newman. The first episode of "This is Us" aired on NBC last week, and it was rather good. That said I wasn't weepy due to everyone saying that is what it would be. That's the best way to keep me from tears. The character of Adam was written out as "dead", as he was blown up in an explosion while on the run from the police. He had been held for something he didn't do, lost his mind and then nearly killed a guard. The whole situation was sad, and dramatic. Now Chelsea and everyone else has to pick up the pieces.

Miles Gaston Villanueva departed as Luca Santori. Luca fell for Summer (Hunter King), but the relationship was based on lies. He caused strife at Newman and let others take the blame. Causing an environmental disaster isn't exactly make you a good person. His crimes were revealed at their engagement party, as the two became closer after a pregnancy scare. Once Summer found out what he did, he got upset and held her captive. Jack stopped him, and he was arrested. Since Hunter is now a regular on a CBS sitcom "Life in Pieces", it is uncertain how often she'll be on either as she's on Y&R without a contract.

For the 11,000 episode celebration, Neil (Kristoff St. John) got a mother as Nichelle Nichols aka Uhura in "Star Trek" taking the part. We found out that Neil's alcohol addiction had a genetic element, and that she lived 25 years sober. The character died before the rest of the family could meet her. It was also a surprising way to remind people of the 50th anniversary of TOS.

With the rest of the show, we'll have to see who is coming and going as new writers can mean even more uncertainty when it comes to the cast. Let's hope the choices that are made are strong and decisive.

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