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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - April 1972

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of April 1972.

Vito eventually went back to New York City after his visit to Hope Memorial. He met a new patient, Webb Sutherland. We then found out that Vito also had an affair with Toni's mother. Toni and Mike continued to be together and planned their wedding for June, which is after Mike's internship is scheduled to be concluded. The show has yet to say if Mike is going to specialize in pediatrics or go into another kind of medicine.

Carolee and Steve were working and combining all their things in the small one bedroom apartment. They were happy though, which was an improvement. Steve finally lost it with Karen about visitation as she was keeping him from Erich. Due to having an opportunity to spend an afternoon with Matt and Greta, Karen surprisingly brought him over to the apartment. This happened off screen, but baby Stephanie and Erich seemed to like one another. Stephanie had a growth spurt, so most of the time Steve was the one taking the girl up and down, as she seemed so much bigger. Emma spent came for dinner with her daughter and son-in-law, while Billy was off screen at his first all night sleepover at Donald's house. There is no way all of them would have fit on this set. The stage direction was a bit chaotic, but it made it all the more fun especially when it felt like things went wrong. Carolee was worried that her mother's boss was taking advantage, but Emma would hear nothing about that.

Maggie sent a letter from Wyoming explaining why she was leaving Matt. She realized this was a mistake and rushed back to Madison. Maggie felt that Karen was a better choice for her family though at times it seemed like she wanted to take Greta away from everything she knows. Karen hid Greta's mitten in her apartment, but eventually gave it back. She also had a lot of fun at the zoo with Matt and Greta. Frank also finally made it to Maggie. We know he is definitely real, though many times Maggie saw him, she was hallucinating. Althea had an actual conversation with Frank and Nick also heard his voice. Unfortunately, Maggie didn't get to the letter, and Matt read what she wrote. He along with Althea figured out finally what was going on with Maggie.

Althea and John's relationship continued to get worse. He went off with a patient to have sex, and Althea had no clue. Thankfully, a friend of John's named Gordon told her the truth about her husband. John never was married before and "Jessica" was a fake. It was just a name he used to get women into bed. Althea was livid, and threw something at John. He ended up in the hospital unconscious. Nick and Althea plan to reunite and have shared more than one kiss. Meanwhile, Althea has no idea that Nick got Cathy pregnant. The woman continued to unspool, and didn't listen to anyone's advice. Steve and Carolee were in the middle of the mess, as Steve shared with his wife why things were awkward. Cathy thought Carolee would be on her side, but Carolee knew the reality of what Cathy was facing. There would be no happy ending as Nick won't marry Cathy, and the hospital won't allow Cathy to continue to work having an illegitimate child. (Of course, the irony of this situation is everyone knows that's what Carolee did, but we all know the extenuating circumstances.)

Those were the highlights of April 1972. Two episodes were lost due to Apollo mission news updates. This at least was a good & happy reason for NBC to not air the program. I'm glad we finally got progress in Maggie's story. Frank being real and in town even if he is harassing her is better than nothing. This has been slow burn for months, so it is great to finally see it climax.

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