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Friday, September 2, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - August 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in August 2016.

Nathan and Lisa dated, but they weren't really into each other as Nathan wanted Cleo who wasn't ready to have a relationship. He kissed her, but she pushed him away, and she wouldn't have anything to do with him if he was available. For a big roast, Nathan accidentally got a live pig, Zack set it free, but Lisa was blamed. The sow Lisa called Sonia caused a lot of damage to the Price Slice.

All of the students that were waiting for their graduation information passed. Harry didn't do as well as the others, but considering he had been homeless, his marks weren't that awful. Holly returned from Spain also.

Joanne's mother was dying, and she fell into bed with Liam Donovan. It had just been a bet between Liam and his brother Jesse, and Joanne was angry. Joe was sweet to her, and she decided that she wanted Joe. Joanne decided to use her wits to get closer to Joe and get Mercedes out of the picture. Mercedes made it easy by being involved in a drug deal. She got roped into that situation by Diego and his former wife Maria. Mercedes had Lexi with her, which obviously upset Joe. Their engagement was off, even if they had gotten close enough to pick a wedding date. Freddie wants Joe to reconsider, but he won't listen. Mercedes now may get out of jail due to Diego getting a taped confession from his ex.

Myra and Diego's relationship was marred by Mercedes' situation and the lie about Maria. He groveled and proposed to his pregnant love interest. John Paul and Scott were living in Diego's camper as Myra didn't want him in the house. When John Paul was supposed to be going with Scott to look at a new home, he had sex with James again. Nancy nearly hit Scott with her car, as John Paul tried to break up with his boyfriend. JP saved Scott's life and lost his vision. They're broken up now, and James couldn't deal with JP's issues. James has legitimate feelings for JP, but told him how Joanne bet him he couldn't get John Paul. This ended their relationship for now. At least, Sally and Myra are getting along as they bonded over their son's health.

Nothing happened with Leela's pregnancy in the month of August, and Diane remained in France. Ste went to see his kids with Amy, and found that Leah had a bruise. Amy grabbed her accidentally hurting the girl. We also met Amy's current boyfriend, Ryan, who now works with DS Armstrong at the Hollyoaks police department. The couple decided to move to town, which upset Amy's father Mike. Tegan didn't really do much of anything either. Courtney Campbell, Cameron's cousin came to town looking for Lockie due to the will reading. Cameron is still lying about his brother's whereabouts.

Nico and Peri's friendship was back on track until Tom returned to Hollyoaks with baby Steph. He planned to leave for London permanently depending on his grades. Jade told Tom about what Nico and Peri did to her, and he told Peri, she can't be in their daughter's life. His family was upset about the move, and Cindy even remembered Tom is her brother. Nico decided to poison Tom to either keep him in town or kill him so Peri wouldn't lose her baby.

Warren and Sienna's relationship continued, and Maxine continued to try and go after him. Grace got involved and she shot her brother Liam using a gun that Warren touched. Warren got in trouble with the law. Tony, Maxine and Darren had an unsuccessful try going after Warren, which was rather amusing. Earlier in the month, he stole the garage away from the Roscoes, so they were angry with him. Nancy realized she lost jewelry while burying Patrick, freaking her out, and Darren tried to act natural with Warren. The cab company was going to stay at the garage even with the new ownership, while Warren and Sienna hoped that Darren would slip and admit what happened to Patrick.
Esther and Kim ended up married, but their relationship was short-lived. Kim disappeared and Esther has no idea what happened to her wife. It was ominous as we saw Kim's ids be buried.

Neeta left town, and Mac couldn't join her on the vacation due to the citation he received for accidentally hitting her. Mac freaked out, when everyone believed that Neeta was the one kissing Freddie. It was actually Marnie, but only Marnie, Dirk, Cindy, Freddie and Jade know the truth. Marnie paid Cindy off to lie and say it was her. Cindy told Dirk, because he needed to know, and due to the money being used to pay for a new engine for the van. Warren had stolen Dirk's, and used it to help pay the Roscoe's debts. Jade was the one who shared the photo, but it had been damaged, so Ellie only saw Freddie kissing another woman. Alfie couldn't forgive Cindy for hurting his sister, but seemed to soften after Marnie helped redeem Cindy in his eyes by contacting Alfie's hero: the first British astronaut. Thankfully now Alfie's treatments have been working, and he's cancer free.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for August 2016. I'm so glad that Amy is back, and I was amused by seeing her father Mike, who continues to hate Ste for good reason. Still hoping that Nico gets caught before anyone else dies.

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