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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Days: Six Random Thoughts for September

Due to how the stories on "Days of Our Lives" are going, I can't write a full post. So below are six random thoughts about the latest reshuffling.

  1. So the villains are back or at least some villains as Orpheus, Xander, and Clive Weston are out to get the people of Salem. It isn't a bad thing, but the contrived reason they all met in prison was just that. 
  2. Why is Chloe pregnant and Deimos the daddy? This story began before Nadia Bjorlin was pregnant, and there is no need to have another kid. Since Deimos is dating Nicole it is yet another plot with a baby and Nicole. Grrr
  3. The non-wedding between Brady and Theresa had me laughing. Why because they are held hostage, the wedding didn't happen and now nothing. At least Eve came to visit for five minutes. Should we care?
  4. Having many characters move into the Kiriakis mansion is a bit hilarious. It is good as a cost-saving measure, but I hope they invest in good sound-proofing material. Then again that could be funny, "oh no they are at it again, better get some earplugs dear."
  5. At least a triangle with Chad, Gabi, and JJ kind of makes sense. Having Chad feel something for Ciara does not.
  6. It seems like the teenagers who graduated from high school actually speak about going to class. Even if that is filler, it is more logical then running a corporation.
So that's all I have right now. Hopefully once everyone is caught, rescued or maimed, that will be the time to do a legit longer write up about Days.

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