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Friday, July 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - June 2016

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours posts. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in June 2016.

Paul was sent to prison for what happened at Lassister's Hotel. Terese admitted to getting Cecilia to lie about Paul. It is uncertain what will happen to Terese legally though Julie fired her from the hotel due to her actions. Paul was incarcerated at the same place that Gary Canning was. Paul was threatened, and Gary said he'd help, but it wasn't true. Later Gary was released and moved back to the neighborhood. Paul ended up in the hospital from his beating. Eventually the truth came out and everyone found out Julie needed the insurance money so she got Jacka to make the boiler blow. There even was a ceremonial plaque placed in the lobby in honor of the lost Willis men. Julie had told John Doe, who was really Jack Callahan. His memory returned and he was a priest, though since he wasn't speaking to her in confession, he told Mark. This strained his relationship with Paige, but she isn't giving up hope. Jack cares about her and he was questioning his place in the priesthood, before they had met. Julie has been sent away, but no trial has happened. Tom is back at the hotel as he just got probation. He has to look after his younger half-brother. Gary convinced Tom to back off from getting the rest of the money that Ben and Xanthe owe him as if it was clean money Tom would have reported it to the police.

Karl and Susan told Ben about Sarah being in Germany for treatment. After Xanthe and Angus fought about their band, Ben told Xanthe. They had a band, to raise money and also got clothing donations to pay off Tom. She felt that Angus needed to know and told him. Angus was angry ran away and nearly took Karl's money. While with Xanthe and Ben, they took Angus's passport and he couldn't leave Australia. Xanthe and Angus hitchhiked, and nearly got into trouble. Thankfully Xanthe had her phone and Aaron knew how to trace her. Xanthe was glad to see that Gary was free. Later Xanthe wanted to go to the formal with Ben, but he wasn't interested in going to the event. Gary paid him enough money to ask Xanthe to go with him. Angus has left Erinsborough for now to spend some time with his mother Sarah as he knows everything. Karl and Susan seem to be having money problems, but it has yet to be explained.

Charlie and Jimmy spend time together as friends, but Jimmy is a bad influence. They played a daring game, and Jimmy stole pepper spray from the police station. Then Jimmy sprayed Charlie in the face. This situation called Amy and Steph to argue. They eventually made up and sang really bad kareoke together. Amy had to deal with Ryan, a former boss, who had pictures of her when she would clean in lingerie. Ryan wanted her to work for him again, or else everyone would know. Amy confided in Aaron, who told Tom. Since the business was legit, Tom gave Ryan a cleaning contract at the hotel. Ryan swears he will now leave Amy alone.

Walter's real reason for reuniting with Sonya was revealed: his 14-year-old daughter Zoe has leukemia. Walter started to get close to Nell, and Sonya was stunned to find out that Walter was her biological father. Sonya got tested to be a bone marrow match, but wasn't compatible. Nell was tested behind Toadie's back, and was. Toadie was upset with Sonya about doing this, and a desperate Walter kidnapped Nell. Zoe realized something was wrong, and took Nell back to her family. Happy news was revealed Callum was also a match. Originally, Callum was told he wasn't, but he was. Zoe and Walter said goodbye as they went to California to get her treatment.

Due to Paul's machinations, Madison got a job at a local paper and $50,000. He got into a junior reporter's computer and sent a slanderous article about himself for publication. Madison took the position, and would interview people around town. Piper admitted to Madison about her feelings for Tyler. Since Piper was still in school, she couldn't be involved with him even if they both liked one another. Paul told Terese, she lost her chance with him. Steph forgave Mark for not believing in Paul's innocence in this case. Due to the $50,000 payday, Steph allowed Paul back into working at Robinson's as she couldn't forget how he cost her, the money she put up in bail.

Piper found out that Ned and Lauren kissed. She shared this news with her Dad. Everything became awkward for those involved. Due to Ned's past, he couldn't get work at the school as an art aide, and obviously couldn't work for Lauren due to the kissing.

Those are the highlights of the month. What I found funny was the band that Ben, Xanthe, and Angus had played a song that I had no idea what it was. I also liked that Aaron was the only one who thought to track Xanthe's phone. I liked Sonya's younger sister a lot, and wonder if she'll return one day well and with the ability to cause trouble.

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