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Friday, July 29, 2016

Primetime TV Update - July 2016

Here's a quick description of all of the shows I've watched and completed in July 2016. Of course, as always, there is a possibility of spoilers for any prime time show I mention.

This month was a rather light and with the Summer Olympics in August that may also be the case. (I actually saw some movies, instead of binging television.) I just wasn't motivated to finish much and many series that are ending the end of July I'm not up to date with so they'll probably be in the August entry.

On BBCAmerica, I finished the limited series "Thirteen", which was co-produced by the BBC. The program is about a woman named Ivy who was held hostage for 13 years after she was abducted at 13. Jodie Comer, who was in "Doctor Foster" was the lead. This was a rather intense 5 episode series as it followed the lives of all the main people impacted by her return.

On PBS, I completed the Ken Burns miniseries "Jazz" and viewed the series finale of "Vicious".  Jazz was 10 parts and close to 20 hours of programming. The program tells the history of the musical genre from its creation through the 20th Century. If you enjoy that genre or just a fan of history or music, it is worth a look. Obviously due to the length, one may chose to only watch sections dealing with their favorites. "Vicious" ended and everyone was deliciously bitchy.

On Sundance, I watched two programs: "Cleverman" and "The Last Panthers".  Both weren't US only productions. "Cleverman" was from Australia, while "The Last Panthers" was co-produced by both French and British interests having sections spoken in Serbian. Cleverman was based around myths from native culture, and hairy people who are stronger than the average human. Iain Glenn from "Game of Thrones" and Frances O'Connor from "The Missing" were the only recognizable performers in the program as the cast was mainly Australian. The Last Panthers was about jewel theft, war and insurance. I've never seen anything like it, which is saying something.

So that's what I've watched and finished during July 2016. Happy Viewing!

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