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Friday, July 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - June 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in June 2016.

Myra and Sally continue to battle about John Paul. They got into a fight, and John Paul sided with Sally. Myra fell down the stairs, and Sally said that she didn't push her. John Paul nearly got Peri to lie to protect Sally to the police, but lied instead.When John Paul found out, he was livid, as his mother nearly died. Scott and John Paul had sex, and Scott said "love" though John Paul doesn't feel as strongly. Myra and Diego were thrilled to find out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the pregnancy may cause her to be paralyzed from the fall.

Mercedes and Joe get custody of Lindsey's baby as Freddie couldn't handle raising his child. Joe comes up with the name Alexis, after Mercedes wants to name her Lexus though she is Lexie for short. (You know Mercedes considers Lexie one of her own, if she wants to go with a car theme.)
Freddie is still with Ellie, but Diane found out about Marnie and Freddie. She blackmailed Diane, to get her and Tony jobs at the newly renamed Nightingale's. Mac didn't like that Marnie named the restaurant with his last name as they're divorced. Freddie and Marnie had kissed again at Alfie and Jade's parachute jump and a video was taken. Eventually Marnie fought back, and got Diane and Tony positions in France for the summer.

Alfie isn't in remission, but Jade is. Alfie wants to end it with her, but doesn't tell her why. Since Tom likes Jade they sort of go out, upsetting Peri. She puts bald bitch on Jade's locker, which is why John Paul comes up with the idea of blackmailing Peri though he doesn't go through with it. Alfie and Jade got back together, and Tom has decided to leave town for part of the summer to visit OB.
Dirk and Cindy got closer, when she sold fake bags, she came up with a way to protect the store. On the day of Alfie's jump, Cindy proposed to Dirk and they decided to wed legally this time. Holly continued her relationship with Nathan even though she killed Rachel. Ellie told Nathan that Rachel hadn't cheated after Nathan nearly lost it with her parents. He was angry when he found out Holly knew. In court, Cleo admitted to not being the one to drive the car. Nathan was angry, but James convinced him to not pursue this, as Cleo would get into legal trouble. John Paul had to pay James back for the favor, by going out to lunch with him and had to cancel an afternoon with Scott. Scott walks in and finds John Paul and James out with a James lawyer pal and his girlfriend. Instead of going after Scott, John Paul confronts James. They start to kiss as they are extremely attracted to each other even after having a one time fling. Perhaps it isn't just one time. Earlier in the month, Ste and Harry broke up due to James, as Ste now knows that Harry chose to sleep with James for money. Harry hadn't been kidnapped, and this was just a plot about the restaurant.

Grace had to deal with Trevor's funeral. She also found out about Sienna and Trevor's relationship. Her half-brothers decided to stay in town for a time. Adam ended up dating Maxine, while the others went out drinking with Tegan and Leela. They stayed out all night upsetting Cameron. Adam helped Darren and Nancy's little boy when he gets separated from his parents as he knows sign language. Nancy saw Adam in a different light and feels perhaps he wouldn't be bad for Maxine. That said Nancy and Darren still fear that Nico may go after them for burying Patrick behind a wall, even though Nico killed Patrick.

Lisa was awful at working at "The Tugboat" that the Lovedays had bought into when they believed Sonia was their daughter. Cameron was frustrated and Sonia was sad as it was over again with Zack. Joanne knew that Sonia hadn't attacked Lisa, and Louis believed her upsetting Simone.

Pete's trial was a major event in Hollyoaks. He was finally going to pay for his statutory rape of Cleo. Things weren't looking too good as everyone was being discredited. Prior to the trial, Cleo's Mom Reenie had been released from prison. She tried to get Pete to admit the truth, but he found her recording device and destroyed her phone. In court, Reenie broke her parole by attacking Pete and was sent to jail. She mentioned an email account with a name of a children's book to Mercedes and Celine. They found the address in copy of "The Secret Garden", and tried to hack the account. Myra explained that if there was nothing wrong with Cleo's relationship with Pete, she should just tell everyone. Cleo had a photo of her in Pete in bed, when she will still underage. Pete was found guilty of child grooming and sex with someone underage. Cleo shared the news with her mother, who was proud of her for sharing the truth. Later Nathan and Cleo bonded as they said goodbye to their ended relationships.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for June 2016. I hope in the next month I'll finally be able to tell who is who with the new characters. Also I wonder if the show will have rolling write offs for summer vacations. At least they do a decent job in letting us know why we aren't seeing people like writing them out of town temporarily unlike other programs.

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