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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Days: What I Wish & What I Miss -July 2016

This installment is what I miss and wish I could see on "Days of Our Lives". I did a post like this about Days in June 2015, and I wanted to see if my feelings have changed.

What I miss: Strong intelligent male characters that aren't grey that are driving story.

This almost got better, but it is something I'm still thinking about from 2014 to 2016. It is just something I enjoy.

What I miss: I wrote about characters my issue with people having kids too early and them seemingly being aged too fast.

Abby had a kid in the interim, and JJ is involved with Gabi who has a child. The only people who don't have kids are the ones who recently got out of high school that were aged very quickly. I'm amused somewhat that what I complained about is exactly what the program is doing. Perhaps I should write about things I don't want and then they won't happen.

What I miss: Couples that matter and would have laughter and tears.

IMO Days is still struggling with couples. The young ones barely have story and the older ones have been around for decades. They need a pairing to pop and have the actors on contract for more than  two years to develop a fan base.

What I miss:

Rooting for the good guys, instead of the bad guys. --This actually isn't an issue for me anymore, which is a good thing.

What I wish:

That everyone in Salem had a story with more diversity in the cast.- Since I wrote this the cast has more Latinx characters, but otherwise hasn't improved.

At times, I do wonder if I'm asking for too much. Some of the things I'd like see Days do the show seemingly just can't or won't do creatively. I'm not asking for new characters or new stories, just people being smarter and more interesting.

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