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Thursday, July 28, 2016

GH: Kristina's Heartbreak

On "General Hospital", Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) loved and lost, as by having sex with her former professor Parker (Ashley Jones), she ended her potential relationship with Aaron (John DeLuca). She also had to deal with having to come out to her father Sonny (Maurice Benard). Below are my thoughts on what has happened.

Kristina realized she was sexually fluid, when she had feelings for Parker. The relationship was inappropriate, and Kristina ended up being tossed out of college for proposition her professor. Kristina moved on and ended up dating Aaron. She likes him, but doesn't seem to be passionate about him even if they slept together. When Parker came to Port Charles for a lecture, Kristina visited her. They talked and consummated their relationship. Unlike before, Parker's marriage was over, so she wouldn't have cheated on her wife. Kristina told Parker that it had never been so good for her. After spending the night together, Kristina and Parker shared a kiss in the corridor. Of course, Sonny had to see this happen. Kristina had to admit her feelings, and Sonny accepted her. Later Sonny was upset that Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) kept this vital information about their daughter a secret, but thankfully didn't take it out on their adult child. Alexis convinced Parker to write a "Dear John" letter, and left Port Charles. If Kristina ever finds out what Alexis did, they'll obviously fight again. Kristina was heartbroken, but told Aaron who Parker really was and how she slept with her last night. Aaron was stunned, and wondered what he was to Kristina. That said, Kristina and Aaron hadn't promised to be exclusive. Now we'll see if they can remain even friends.

My feelings about this are as follows:
  1. It took GH a very long time to do a same sex relationship between two women. That being said, both actresses aren't on contract, and it was "quick". There were less than 20 episodes with Parker and Kristina interacting. On the plus side, neither of them were killed or became pregnant ending their pairing. Also, we didn't have the requisite extremely rushed ending of them deciding to be together and moving out of town.
  2. Aaron as a character wasn't really developed, so I only feel sorry for him on a surface level. He did have an issue with the idea of Kristina perhaps being attracted to people of both genders, but since we don't know him we don't know if this is an actual bias. I'm glad he didn't become physically violent with Kristina considering how her first boyfriend was abusive.
  3. I'm relieved that it was mentioned that Kristina did have relationships with men in the past. That said they weren't "good" ones so in comparison even a one-night stand with someone who respected her seems to be an improvement. That said Parker did manipulate Kristina by turning her in at college. What Kristina did crossed a line, but Parker should have never invited Kristina into her home and should have seen the crush.
Anyway so there's that. We'll see if anything else comes of Kristina's fluidity or if it was just a lip service summer story.

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