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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

GH - Six Random Thoughts for July 2016

Here are my six random thoughts about "General Hospital" as of late.

  1. Lulu is now taking medicine to get pregnant again. I'm still in shock over Dante and Lulu being back together, but a baby seriously.
  2. Finola Hughes is on vacation for a few weeks, so Anna has left town to go to California to see her family.  If you have to write someone off temporarily sending them away in such a manner is a positive thing.
  3. Are we supposed to care about the hospital serial killer plot? I don't, as the only people who have been in this story are seldom on screen. I'm not asking GH to kill a major player or have a long term person be responsible just that something would happen that would make want to invest.
  4. Having recasts in the roles of Maxie and Nik is making it more difficult for me to watch the scenes with newcomer Claudette (Bree Williamson) as Molly Burnett is nothing like Kirsten Storms. (This isn't a criticism, but other than being female actresses, they don't have much in common.) Tyler Christopher being replaced by Nick Stabile is strange solely because mentally whenever I see Nick, I think Sunset Beach and a boat. Not kidding.
  5. If someone loves Julian and Alexis, their latest turn of events with him under arrest in the hospital and Alexis to blame is a bit much. Not sure if they can or should reconcile though this is a show where Sonny accidentally shot Carly in the head, and she forgave him. Low standard, but hey what are you going to do?
  6. Why does Carly care so much about her sons' love lives and how can she root for the "wrong" thing. Does she have bad taste, or is it intentional that she hates Michael with Sabrina, but loves Kiki with Morgan. Yes Sabrina left Michael and lied about a pregnancy, name someone who did the identical thing in her youth, you guessed it Carly herself and it was back when she had Michael. While I can appreciate that Carly likes that Kiki saved Morgan from a bullet, Morgan's nearly obsessive feelings aren't good for his mental well-being. Morgan needs more time to improve before he jumps into any romance. It isn't as if Morgan and Kiki were in a committed relationship, which would give her a legitimate reason to fight to be with him.

So that's what I'm thinking about GH at least this evening. I'm hoping that the Cassadine island material doesn't offend or bore me too much.

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