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Monday, July 18, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - November 1971

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of November 1971.

Toni was still debating going to New York City to look for her mother's lover. Eventually she decided to go, after speaking with everyone from Matt to Carolee. Mike was a bit worried about Toni running into her former boyfriend Vito who was also in medicine. Hank asked Toni to get an album by his former girlfriend Lori (not sure on spelling as character not credited yet). Lori was a nurse, who dreamed of being a singer, and met a record producer that took a chance on her. Hank lost her, because of this, and she had performed a song that reminded him of their relationship. Due to Hank's request, Mike and Toni  had a small spat as Toni felt like Mike was sharing her secrets.

Steve spent the month in jail, having nightmares and living in the grey outfit. His brother Jason had to go back to Texas and said goodbye so the short stint of Chris Bohn ended. Surprisingly, Karen came to visit Steve, and gave him a picture of Erich. He believed Karen's lies about why she was staying in America. Eventually Steve was convinced to allow Adam Reynolds to share everything about Carolee and Steve's relationship with the district attorney Darryl E. Harrigan (I find it funny the DA has a middle initial). Carolee convinced Steve that she doesn't want to spent the rest of her life in love with someone in prison. Nick even was allowed to visit Steve, which seemed to cheer them both up, and real Nick yells less than Steve's dream version of Dr. Bellini. Carolee started to buy things to prepare to have the baby though her taste is questionable. Matt and Maggie will be there for her, if Steve is still in jail.

Adam Reynolds is an intelligent attorney as he was able to figure out how Dr. Dan Allison killed himself just like it happened. What was funny was Adam re-enacted everything in the hospital room first for Matt and later for the DA. Adam came up with the theory after realizing that Dan threatened Steve as Cathy Riker overheard in the hospital. Then he found out that the vasopressor bottle was close enough to Dan that he could turn it off by himself after he shut off the monitor. Unfortunately it looks like the district attorney doesn't believe the theory. Then again Harrigan has no issue with hearing that Dan Allison hit his pregnant wife.

Martha can't stand Cathy, and doesn't want her around Nick. She even does an impression of the other nurse. When Nick is around, Cathy is nice, but otherwise Martha feels like Cathy is trying to manipulate her. (I could understand Martha's hate of Cathy more if she knew how Cathy was responsible for Steve and Carolee's break up, which spiraled out of control into the mess they're dealing with now.) Martha seems to think it is odd that Cathy wears different faces. Nick sees the best in Cathy and enjoys cooking with her (actual cooking).

Liz Hubbard is back from her maternity leave, so the Althea flashbacks were no longer needed. In front of Althea, Nick and John made peace. Maggie slipped and found out that Althea didn't know everything: the reason Nick got angry enough to hit John was because he accused Althea and Nick of having sex. Maggie felt guilty, but it wasn't her fault. Althea wasn't happy about it, but John and Althea were together again. Of course, Althea had no idea that he cheated on her while in California at a conference. The woman named Vanessa tracked down John through the hospital and may cause problems for them in the future. At the end of the month, Althea and John were going to Greenville to tell Mrs. Hamilton about how she lost two years of memories. Mrs. Hamilton was well enough for the truth, and they'd face that together.

Maggie continued to have health problems with no solution. Greta hasn't been seen, and Eileen Kearney isn't credited anymore, so I guess she's done with the show. Maggie's head would ache and she'd hear things. She admitted that instead of getting angry with people she didn't like, she goes off on those who she does. Althea wanted to move Karen out of the clinic, to make things easier for Maggie. Matt won't allow a transfer unless Maggie says she needs it. Althea suggested to move Karen to the university, but that IMO is a bad idea as that would mean that once Carolee returns from maternity leave, she'd have to deal with her. Karen is getting away with trying to cozy up to Matt, as no one will listen to Althea.

Those were the highlights of November 1971. There was only one pre-emption this month for Thanksgiving Day sports. I hope Carolee has the baby in December, as this child was supposed to be born in August. I think we're supposed to really hate Harrigan, and if that's the case good job. I also really appreciate how much work Adam is doing for Steve even if it doesn't work. James Pritchett (Matt) was really good with Laryssa Lauret's (Karen) real life daughter during the scene where the two spoke about the child being nearly well enough to leave the hospital.

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