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Saturday, July 16, 2016

AW: Flashes of the Past 1992

Looking around YouTube, and I found one of my favorite all time soap opera talk show appearances. Six cast members of "Another World" appeared on "A Closer Look with Faith Daniels". The show aired the morning of the 1992 Daytime Emmy Awards, so if one was a fan of the program, it was a total soap opera day. Below are my thoughts on viewing this again after all these years.

When I watched this show live in 92, I never thought I'd seen it again. Literally it one of many shows that were on about the genre as other daytime shows had soap themed programs later in the day. In 1992, the "Another World" special "Summer Desire" aired during the 8 pm ET time slot, prior to the start of the Daytime Emmys.

This is posted in three parts and less then 25 minutes long. In the first section, the actors and characters are introduced: Linda Dano (Felicia Gallant), John Aprea (Lucas), Stephen Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop), Alice Barrett Mitchell (Frankie Frame), Ricky Paull Goldin (Dean Frame), and Alla Korot (Jenna Norris). Linda had to explain all the relationships among the characters. There is an awkward moment when Ricky talks about kissing Alla in the audition and then she seemed frustrated for much of the show.

In the second section, they talk about how they are having a prime time special and that "Days of Our Lives" had one. They showed a clip with Dean, Jenna and Matt (Matt Crane), and Ricky Paull was asked about how he plays practical jokes. Also Linda admitted to how she likes feather boas now just like Felicia.

In the third section, a spoiler at the time is mentioned about how John Aprea's Lucas was leaving the show. At the time, he didn't know how Lucas would be written off the show. (My reaction watching the show at the time was "Oh no, what?" as it hadn't come out yet.) Stephen speaks about how everyone brings themselves into their character so hard to say who is least like them. He also speaks of the Valentine's episode of the past. They also speak about Jenna's father being unknown even though the writers probably decided. On the program, it was never announced. They spoke about Ricky's real life band. Alice spoke about how she recently had a baby and everyone wants to hold her on set. Linda's real family had upcoming marriage. At this point, Ricky was dating Yasmine Bleeth, who was on "One Life to Live" at the time and since AW and OLTL aired opposite one another they didn't expect the audience to know who she was. (Of course, if they had watched "Ryan's Hope" they would have known, but I digress.) There was also talk about comedy, and then vague upcoming spoilers. The end had viewers praising the soap.

Unfortunately, the Summer Desire Another World special is not available online in full. It aired on June 23, 1992. None of the cast of "Another World" won a Daytime Emmy that night, though their directing team was honored for their work. If you have 20 minutes of time, and are into AW it is worth checking out, I'm stunned that I never noticed this video earlier has it has been online for 7 years. Sometimes things exist right under your nose and you don't even know they are there. For me this video is a definite case of it. The other bad news item is that no other full episodes of First Look with Faith Daniels are available. Since the show aired for a couple years on NBC daytime, they also did features on "Days of Our Lives" and "Santa Barbara", but sadly these have been lost in time at least for now.

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