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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - October 1971

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of October 1971.

Mike and Toni are still together happily. That said other forces were at work. Mike had to deal with Dr. Hendryx lying about Mike doing something improperly in a surgery. The orthopedic surgeon's order should have superseded Hendryx, and Hank and Mike didn't get any additional information. Mike did nothing wrong in regards to the towel, and Hank knows this, but Hendryx wants to reprimand Mike. This will be in his file, as Mike isn't going to fight it. Nick was upset over what went on between Mike and Hendryx and told the other department head off, as Nick is also a neurosurgeon. Matt asked Nick to apologize to the other doctor, but Nick doesn't want to do that.

Steve was given the time to drive Carolee, Emma and Billy to the country. Before that could happen, Carolee and Steve discussed their situation how their child won't have his last name, and decided on the first. Either way the baby will be named after Steve, as either he will be a junior or Stephanie. They were happy and Detective Sergeant Cadman walked in to arrest Steve for the death of Dr. Dan Allison. Obviously the country was out, Matt helped Steve and got him an attorney named Adam Reynolds. Matt had been Adam's cardiac surgeon. Initially Steve didn't confide in Adam, but Matt told him to do so. Steve shared everything, and Adam believed Steve could perhaps avoid a trial if he spoke to the grand jury. If these people knew everything they may let him go. Steve's brother Jason came to Madison to try to help. We were told the following about Jason's life, he lives in Texas, though he grew up in Boston. He was a doctor in Vietnam, who married a nurse. Unfortunately she died a week before his time was up, and if she had left when her deployment was over, she would still be alive. Jason ended up marrying again to his late wife's sister. We also found out that Steve's father died when he was two and Mona, their mother loved Steve more than Jason. Carolee told some truths about her life, and wanted to marry Steve even though he was in prison. In different conversations. she mentioned how she was a virgin before Steve and how she never even thought about having an abortion as she was proud to be having his child. She didn't care if everyone knew even if it would cause a controversy. Steve though wanted to protect Carolee, even if it was to his harm. That said, Carolee would be happier with him than having him in jail.

Billy was being teased off camera for having a father who had been murdered. This is awful. He doesn't believe Steve is guilty either. Carolee and Emma spoke about telling Billy about Toni being his sister. Toni wanted to tell him the truth, and told Martha how she saw Billy as her little brother. Billy was excited to hear that Toni was his sister. The only awkward part is that Billy wanted to know more about his mother, but since Toni was 11 when she left, she doesn't have any strong memories. Also Billy wants to meet her, and Toni has no idea even how to contact their mother.

Since Althea was laid up with a torn ligament, and Liz Hubbard was on maternity leave, we only saw the character in flashback. John was in California for a convention and over time he called Althea her phone was busy. He hooked up with a female fashion designer Vanessa and lied about his reasons for being there using Keith his middle name again. Considering what he did with Althea on the cruise ship, I wonder if this is his thing. (Please let him not be a bigamist.)

Matt is still upset with Nick over the fight with John at the hospital. Since John is away, Matt still hasn't reprimanded him. Nick and Cathy are still dating, and Nick went to try and console Carolee over what has been going on with Steve. Nick pushed Cathy away when he had to deal with other things, which she didn't like. To see Nick, Cathy delivered a file to the lab on her way out the door for the evening. She hadn't taken off the wig, but did so as she was technically off duty. Cathy understood why Nick went to see Althea's mother. Nick wondered if perhaps he should see Mrs. Hamilton when Althea isn't visiting.

Maggie still had to deal with Karen and the ringing in her ears. Since Karen feels that Maggie and Matt's marriage isn't stable, she has decided to stay in town. She told Matt that the hospital in Germany was being reorganized and she may not have a position there. Matt said he'd be glad if she was back at Hope Memorial for good. Karen lied and said it was because she wanted to give the jailed Steve hope. Karen acts like she believes it is possible that Steve is a murder unlike the others. At least Karen has the good taste to call her child liebchen. 

Those were the highlights of October 1971. Unfortunately six episodes were pre-empted due to MLB playoffs and the World Series. Thankfully we didn't miss any content. The clothing was kind of interesting this month with highlights being Maggie's really great stripped outfit, that I'd wear now and Steve getting a fairly decent lockup outfit in grey/off-white. Also there were some patterns that haven't been around since the 70s. Hopefully baby Aldrich will be born in November, as it has been so long since conception.

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