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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Y&R: Nikki's Intervention

"The Young and the Restless" aired a special episode involving Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and her battle with alcoholism on Thursday, May 28, 2015 in the US. Below is a summary and my thoughts about the episode.

It begins with Nikki in a white cloudy place wearing all white with Frank Runyeon aka Angel. She recalls that the last thing she remembers is being with her family including Dylan (Steve Burton) who has nothing to do with the company. Nikki realizes it is an intervention and isn't happy. We go back to Nikki talking to Frank Runyeon. Nikki remembers she did the same ambush for Katherine. Victor (Eric Braeden), Nick (Josh Morrow), Victoria (Amelia Henlie), Neil (Kristoff St. John), Summer (Hunter King) and Noah (Robert Adamson) are all in the room. Fake Jack (Peter Bergman) walks in, though this makes things weird. Nikki finds out she's home. She starts laughing when she hears his name being Angel. Neil is leading the intervention. Nikki tells Neil that she knows how this works, and wants to say something. She doesn't believe she has a problem. Neil says he's said the identical thing, and acted awfully including causing death. Neil recounts what happened the night before in the hotel room with the stranger than Nikki slept with, though since she blacked out she has no memory.

We then see Nikki's children and grandchildren talk over one another. Then there is another moment with Nikki and Gabriel. Victoria tells Nikki that she won't be able to see her grandchildren again. Nikki tells Angel how Neil whose being sober for ten minutes is dictating to her. Jack aka Marco talks about the monster and how you have to choose life. He's talking about someone that we don't know. Nikki is with Angel again. Victor starts on about the family, and Nikki goes off on him. Nikki says she wants to show Victor what out of control really is. She wants to have a "bash" not be bashed and goes for the alcohol. Nikki couldn't breathe and 911 is called. She tells Angel that she feels like she was dying.

Nikki wonders why she isn't at the hospital, so we see her in the waiting room. Nikki's relatives walk out of the room and they mention how she's gone. She tries to talk to them, and they don't hear anything. Nikki tells Angel, she remembers now. We see Nikki with everyone on today's episode at her gravestone. The theme plays in the background. Some eulogies began, Nikki spoke to Angel about Victor, and then we heard his words along with her feelings about him. Victor and Nikki are alone, though she can hear him, he has no idea. Nikki tells Angel even with everything to lose she couldn't stop drinking on her own. We then see Nikki with Angel Ochoa, her counselor. He calls what Nikki went through was a moment of clarity. She asks if he can help her at Home, which is the name of the recovery center.

This was an interesting episode. I'm glad that they didn't have Nikki actually seriously injure herself. I do think her bedding another man was a good way to show she was in a downward spiral. While Nikki is responsible for her sobriety, Victor's behavior over the past few months has been shameful. So while I'm not excusing Nikki, I'm more on her side than her husband's and I hope with treatment she finally tells the truth about the lie she is keeping about the company.

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