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Friday, May 8, 2015

GH: Tony Geary out

Today it was announced that Tony Geary is leaving his long time role as Luke Spencer on General Hospital. To find out more check out this interview at TV Insider.

The article basically states that Tony has decided to "check" out of GH and isn't planning to retire from acting just from the American soap. It is possible, he'll visit, but eventually he'll be looking for roles in European productions.  The material that was written for the 52nd anniversary where we found out that as a teen Luke killed his mother accidentally and then his father, but blacked out the entire experience certainly is an explosive end. Though we should still see the character through sometime this summer.

I'm okay with this tern of events, as I saw it coming. Then again perhaps part of it is I'm now used to saying goodbye to seeing actors performer regularly on television. If they choose to leave, and we the audience get to have an on-screen farewell it is a lot better than other alternatives. (The alternatives meaning actor fired, actor dead, actor leaving due to health issues, and cancellation of program.)

I wish Tony Geary well and hope we do get a memoir someday as so many things happened behind the scenes at GH that we've never heard officially confirmed.

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