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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thoughts about "Queens of Drama" - Episode 7

Here is a live blog summary and my brief thoughts about episode seven of "Queens of Drama". The title of episode seven is "Asking for Trouble" and stated by Donna Mills.

The episode begins with Lindsay Hartley and her boyfriend Jason-Shane Scott looking at the script. She feels he would fit the principal role. Lindsay accidentally retweeted that Hunter Tylo needs to ease up on the plastic surgery. She has no idea how to delete it. Hunter saw it and became upset. Hunter tells her husband Gerson how she doesn't know if she can work with Lindsay. Gerson tells her to give the benefit of the doubt as Lindsay may have done it accidentally.

At the production office, Hunter and Lindsay meet to discuss the negative tweet. Hunter thought Lindsay was really sweet until now. Lindsay is of the opinion to ignore the hate, or as we used to say don't feed the trolls. Hunter feels that she is going to give the benefit of the doubt now.

Donna, Crystal Hunt, and Chrystee Pharris finally are on screen for the casting session. Lindsay is also there, but not Hunter. They talk about the coach role. Adam Smith, who was on "America's Next Top Model" is the first to audition. He takes off his shirt as requested. Crystal thinks he isn't smart, but he admits perhaps he should stick to modeling. We see a group of actors read, but they are unnamed. One of the guys Chrystee presses up in the air. Then the actors appear for the role as Principal Sterling. The first is Lorenzo Lamas, who Donna knows from back when she was on "Knots Landing" and was on "Falcon Crest". Crystal thinks David Tom and Quincy were her favorites for the coach. Lindsay brought in Jason, and it gets awkward.

We see Jason's screen test. Crystal, Chrystee, and Donna all think he did a good job. All Lindsay wanted was for everyone to acknowledge that Jason did well. Vanessa Marcil is at home, as Lindsay and Chrystee stop by to visit. Vanessa asks about the casting. Lindsay and Chrystee both admit missing Vanessa, and the feeling is mutual. Vanessa is glad that they'll remain friends even though Vanessa is no longer on the project.

Jason cooked a meal for Lindsay. They discuss the situation, and how they're both disappointed that he can't be involved with an actor. Jason got a call, and he received the New York based role. She is starting to freak out in a way, as she doesn't want to do a long-distance relationship. Lindsay admits she doesn't want to do that, and that she wants to move to New York with him.

Those are the highlights of episode seven. Lindsay was definitely the star of this week's episode as the action centered around her. Other than the talking head portions of the show, Lindsay was either in the scene or being discussed.

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