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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

B&B: Maya's Past Revealed

Last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful", the truth came out to everyone that Maya (Karla Mosely) is transgendered. Below are my thoughts on the latest developments.

Maya knew she needed to tell Rick (Jacob Young) everything once he proposed. She could no longer keep it a secret, and so many others already knew. Maya's sister Nicole (Reign Edwards) told Wyatt (Darin Brooks) who she was seeing, as she couldn't keep the secret. Wyatt couldn't keep his mouth shut, and told his half-brother Liam (Scott Clifton). While they were discussing this, their father Bill (Don Diamont) overheard. Of course, Bill being Bill had to announce this to the world via his publications. Katie (Heather Tom) being Rick's Aunt wanted Bill to hold off, as this was personal information. Bill was undeterred and tasked his people to disseminate the info. One of Bill's employees quit as he felt that Bill went too far.

Meanwhile at Forrester, it seemed like nearly everyone knew except for Rick. Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) was told by Maya. Carter then shared this with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), who then passed it along to Eric (John McCook) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) who are Rick's parents. They discussed this situation, but didn't spill though Ridge made some taunting remarks to a clueless Rick. Charlie (Dick Christie) saw Maya's estrogen pills, and figured out Maya's secret. He and Pam (Alley Mills) discussed it, but she was less believing. I wonder how Charlie knew, though perhaps he was aware of Bruce Jenner. (Yes I know the special happened after these episodes were taped, and were on another network, but it isn't as if Charlie doesn't watch television.) Nick (Scott Turner Schofield) was also there for Maya, as he knew Maya's secret. Nick is also transgendered, but unlike Maya, he told his partner during their third date. He gave some insight to the Forresters as to Maya's situation.

Maya and Rick made love one last time. She then dropped the bomb. Instead of being upset with Maya, Rick was supportive. He loves her, and doesn't care that she was born as Myron. He wants a relationship with her even if biological children aren't possible. Maya doesn't actually believe him. Once the news hit the press, Rick wanted to make sure everything was right with the company. Maya felt that he was going to throw her away for that reason. She ran out, and took her car down the road away from Big Bear. Rick followed her, and got into a car accident, while they were speaking on the phone. Maya felt that Rick was rejecting her, and had no idea what actually happened. Rick is trying to recover, while Ridge wants to be the President of Forrester again. Meanwhile Maya resigned as lead model of the company and is avoiding Rick. Eric is staying loyal to Rick and not pushing him out due to the morals clause.

This has been the one story on B&B for the last few weeks. While I'm enjoying it, I hope that we get more cast interaction and plots. The episode where Maya told Rick the truth is one of the best soap opera episodes I've seen in 2015.

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