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Friday, May 1, 2015

Y&R: Billy & Chelsea's Wedding

Today on "The Young & the Restless" Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Billy (Burgess Jenkins) prepared for a wedding at the athletic club. To Chelsea's surprise, the ceremony ended without the vows. Below are my thoughts on this story.

Billy overheard Chelsea admit that she had sex with Gabriel Bingham (Justin Hartley). What neither of them know is that Chelsea and Gabriel are actually married as Gabe is actually her late husband Adam with plastic surgery. Gabe has been taking advantage of Chelsea's kindness. They had sex after Chelsea saw Billy kiss his former wife Victoria (Amelia Heinle). She was devastated and angry over his behavior. Instead of a confronting him, she went home.

Before finding out what Chelsea did, Billy was more optimistic about marrying her. She seemed to be less enthused, but after she cheated she was fully on board. They were going to elope, but at the last minute they decided against it. The aborted ceremony had Billy tell Chelsea's mom Anita (Catherine Bach) how wonderful she is. She had no idea that it was a farce, as Anita taught Chelsea how to be a con artist. He then made Chelsea walk down the aisle before dropping the bomb. This ceremony wasn't as large as it could have been as the entire town wasn't there, but enough of the family was to humiliate Chelsea.

What I was glad about with this plot, was that while Chelsea has no idea that Gabe is actually Adam, at least she had sex while not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That said since he's lying about who he is, it wasn't exactly consensual. When Chelsea eventually finds out the truth of Gabe's identity, I hope she is angry for all of his lies and includes the fact that he could sleep with her when she had no idea who he was.

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Latoya Collins said...

I totally agree with you. I mean how could he do that. I for one wish that he would just tell her who he is already. I mean come on, he needs to get back in with that family. He needs his family. I can't believe how they say it's all gonna come out though. Pretty cool right? I hope you don't mind all of the comments that i'm making cause i really need someone to talk to about the soaps and no one is usualy around after i finally watch the eppy.