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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thoughts about "Queens of Drama" - Episode 5

Here is a live blog summary and my brief thoughts about episode five of "Queens of Drama". The title of episode five is "What Donna Wants" and was stated by Vanessa Marcil.

Donna Mills introduces Lee who is going to be their show runner. Hunter Tylo isn't there. The Black Night is Lindsay Hartley's idea about a group of four women who meet at a grief support group, who are out for vengeance and become bank robbers. It is a cross between a soap and a vigilante show. Crystal Hunt's pitch was a blend about "Golden Girls" and "Sex and the City". The show would feature different women, and be a bit dramatic. Chrystee Pharris and Vanessa talk about their pitch of the parents of 10 year old students, who are various ages. In this story, Lindsay would be a dominatrix. The show is called "Small Talk", but obviously it is a working title. Lee selected Chrystee and Vanessa's concept as it was the cleanest.

Hunter and Donna meet on their own and Hunter was disappointed she wasn't able to pitch her idea. Donna isn't able to go on the Palm Springs retreat, and wants to deputize Hunter to get Vanessa to act in the project. Hunter and her husband Gerson deal with the fall out from their fight in the last episode. We see their dog for a couple of seconds, though the dog is not named. Hunter apologizes to Gerson and shows how she changed her name with Social Security.

The group except Donna is in Palm Springs. Crystal brought a male friend along with her, which surprised everyone. Vanessa became extremely angry about Donna not being at the retreat. The ladies wonder why Crystal isn't there as it is a work project. Crystal comes when it is finally time to work, we don't see what she was doing when she was away. Lindsay considers the character that was created for her was really great as she was dark. Vanessa starts freaking out about how she has a son and a business. She could just Facetime the group. Vanessa walks out as the episode closes.

Those are the highlights of episode five. It seems like now Donna and Vanessa are the troublemakers of the group. Hunter's situation with her husband was settled quickly, but that doesn't mean that viewers will call her by her new legal name anytime soon.

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