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Friday, May 22, 2015

Days: Paige Discovers it All

This week on "Days of Our Lives" Paige (True O'Brien) discovered that her boyfriend JJ (Casey Moss) had a sexual relationship with her mother Eve (Kassie DePaiva). Below I discuss my feelings on the story so far along with partially summarizing it.

Eve hated how her daughter Paige had feelings for JJ Deveraux. (Strangely enough that spelling comes up as a typo.) Paige had come to Salem before Eve, and didn't know what happened between her mother and the Deveraux family. Eve had a history with JJ's late father Jack, as they had a marriage of convenience. As teens, she was a rival to JJ's mother Jennifer (Missy Reeves) as they both had feelings for Frankie. Eve returned to town looking for residuals that were promised to her if he ever published a book. This caused stress between JJ and Paige. JJ had been a "bad boy" like his father, got kicked out of school, sold and used drugs. Most mothers wouldn't want their daughters to date someone like JJ. Due to dating Paige and being on probation, JJ turned his life around.

Eve did everything she could to keep JJ and Paige apart. She was finally successful, when she freaks out about not being able to have surgery to fix her singing voice. JJ was devastated about losing Paige for good. They had sex, and it was sex, if you called it making love that would be offensive. This twisted relationship continued on and off for an elongated amount of time as they fornicated around town. Jennifer discovered what happened as did Daniel (Shawn Christian). Jennifer decided to protect JJ and Paige's relationship and kept the lie. She even kept her daughter Abby (Kate Mansi) out of the loop. While her relationship with JJ was on hold, Paige dated a guy named Cole (Riley Bodenstab). He was also a questionable choice as he was a drug dealer and months earlier had planted drugs in Paige's purse. Once this was discovered, he went to rehab to get help.  Paige and Cole stopped dating once she gave JJ yet another chance. I don't get why Paige would date a guy after he left drugs in her things, but it seems like Paige sometimes is too trusting. Eve used Cole to plant drugs on JJ, though he wasn't caught by the police. Paige and JJ planned on moving to California together, as she deferred going to Stanford and he got accepted by San Jose State. This dream was short-lived as everything fell apart in their relationship.

Once Paige discovered what happened between JJ and her mother, she became a different person. She went off on JJ, denying that he ever loved her. Paige continued to go at full blast at her birthday party, in front of JJ's family and friends even throwing cake to the ground. (Hopefully True O'Brien puts this as her Emmy reel, it was that good.) The fallout should continue to be swift. I wonder if Paige is going to become more like her mother and aunt and become a bad girl. She was so wholesome and forgiving, but was rewarded with the worst sort of betrayal from the two people she felt closest to in the entire world. While that is a soap cliche, the execution at the climax of the story, was well done.

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