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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thoughts about "Queens of Drama" - Episode 4

Here is a live blog summary and my brief thoughts about episode four of "Queens of Drama". The title of episode four is "Dealing with a Sociopath" and was stated by Hunter Tylo.

Joan Collins enters and she and Donna Mills admit to being friends. This is a small town, so everyone knows each other. Vanessa Marcil knows that Crystal Hunt was lying. Hunter  wants to kick Crystal for contacting Joan. Lindsay Hartley says this was a lesson learned. Donna tells them they need a show runner and has someone in mind. Chrystee Pharris wonders why Donna is leading them again.

Donna and Hunter meet alone. Hunter explains what Crystal did and they discuss her being on probation. Hunter acts like Taylor Hayes and diagnoses Crystal as a sociopath. This was rather amusing for all the right reasons.

Vanessa invites Chrystee over to discuss her story idea for the program. Vanessa mentions being a backgammon champion and winning money off of Tobey McGuire. Another time, she got her former husband so upset by beating her in the game that he tossed the board. Vanessa's pitch is a comedic show that is about a group of parents who meet at the school. Vanessa thinks that Chrystee should be the lead. Vanessa thinks Hunter is the issue, while Chrystee feels that Donna's controlling nature is the real problem.

Donna wants to talk with Crystal about what she found out about Crystal. This makes Donna think that perhaps the younger woman isn't a good fit for the group. Crystal has legal problems and she also easily lies to everyone. Donna wants assurances that these things won't happen again. She feels like she doesn't want to ruffle feathers, so Donna doesn't want to try to get Crystal out of the group.

Lindsay and Chyrstee are invited to lunch by Crystal to talk. She apologizes to the other women. Crystal explains all of the emotional things she's been dealing with as her mother has breast cancer, her dog Roxy (who appeared on "Guiding Light" choked to death), and how her engagement broke up because she discovered that he cheated less than a month before the wedding. They both thank Crystal for apologizing.

We meet Hunter's husband of six years, Gerson Archila. He wants her to change her name as she had promised. They start arguing about why she hasn't changed her name. He says it has nothing to do with her former husband, but about keeping the last name of her late son. Hunter gets extremely upset as the episode comes to a close.

It looks like the Crystal bad girl arc has come to a close. Now that people know why she's acting the way she is, she may have more leeway. Also since she was called out for her behavior, Crystal may try to get along with everyone in the fear of being dumped from the project. Hearing about how Crystal's dog died was rather upsetting as Roxy appeared on GL for years. Hunter's personal life issues surprised me that said I didn't even realize she had married again. Perhaps that's the point, though Hunter already went through a major name change in her career. It would have been interesting if she had mentioned that as the story would make more sense to people watching if they knew that factoid.

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