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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Y&R: 6 Random Thoughts

This blog entry is about "The Young and the Restless" and six random thoughts I have about the show currently, which are subject to change. They are listed in no particular order. and include small spoilers/speculation.

1. Even though Kevin and Chloe are divorcing, I appreciate that Kevin is still a part of Delia's life and they were civil with each other when interacting at the Chancellor Mansion.

2. Victoria taking back Billy already was surprising. I was expected more angst, though perhaps Victor is the one to provide it.

3. When Summer was with Traci and Abby, she looked related to the Abbott clan. Why cast someone who looks like Jack's family to keep her a Newman?

4. Was I the only one laughing when Michael hit Paul in the police station? I don't know if that was supposed to be amusing, but I just thought about how the situation could have been reversed. When Paul was in legal trouble, and Michael was the District Attorney at times Michael showed little mercy, so perhaps Paul wants to break that cycle.

5. Sharon lost her mind again. What will it take for Y&R to allow her to be sane?

6. Having Dylan and Chelsea call the baby she is lying about Connor is ironic, as the first three letters are CON? I won't be surprised if she gets caught as I doubt she had a test to see if he has the same illness his grandmother Hope had that made her blind.

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