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Saturday, August 10, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episodes 35 & 36

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episodes 35 & 36 (August 5, 2013) of All My Children.

Note: I number these without the "More episodes" included in the count. On Hulu, these are episodes 49 & 50.

Episode 35:

Opal is getting camera-ready for her red carpet show at Pete's apartment. He is encouraging her and calls himself: her number one fan.

JR sticks himself with a syringe of steroids again. JR is downstairs with Cara and Colby brings him a protein shake. When the others aren't looking, he steals a page of her prescription pad. While alone, Cara thanks JR again for bringing Oliver to Pine Valley. Cara admits that a part of her wants to tell David the truth, but he convinces her to continue to lie to her former lover.

Carter looks at a picture on his phone of a woman. Dixie comes up to him, asks who she is, and he changes the subject. Anders and Dixie are going to have a meeting about Cassandra. He thinks there is no reason that she can't go home, while Dixie feels that emotionally Ms. Foster isn't ready. Anders shows some emotion and vaguely shares that he's been some strife too.

Evelyn brings in Celia's dress, she goes to try it on, but it is way too large. Celia goes to confront Colby about the dress, as the brunette figured out that Colby changed Yvette's measurements. Colby mentions how Pete has scratch marks from her, and then Pete interrupts their near argument. Celia leaves, Colby and Pete in the park, but they follow her back to the coffee shop. Pete leaves and they start arguing again. Celia says she is nice, but not stupid. Towards the end of the show, David comes into Jane's Addiction again and then says to Colby to never underestimate the nice ones as it is a surprise when they take you down. David wants JR to stay away from guns as he really doesn't care about the other man's role in Chandler.

Colby is with her staff for the gala giving them orders, they leave and Cara comes to see JR, who is working on the sizzle reel. Colby says he misses her brother who was a SOB, but instead he is a doormat. Brooke is creating a reel of her own as a backup if JR fails, and Dimitri catches her. Later, Opal, Brooke and Dimitri speak for a moment, and David walks into the event. Dimitri goes to speak with David, and David gives a check for the charity. Dimitri seems surprised by David, and on his way out David walks into the Chandler living room. JR takes the bait, gets physical with David and grabs his lapels. Brooke comes in before they come to blows. JR gives Brooke his reel.

David runs into Miranda and AJ at Jane's and they discuss the gala. The doctor admits that it is hard for him to go back to the Chandler Mansion due to his daughter's death, and will go with Colby. David apologizes to his grandson AJ for wishing that JR wouldn't be at the party.

Jane, Miranda and AJ are at Jane's Addiction, and they are with the desserts for the gala. She hasn't catered anything like this before, but is glad for the chance. Lea and Jane interact, and then Zach comes in with Miranda's shoes, which were left in his car. AJ comes back to get Miranda's help, and leaves again but Miranda admits that the party will be hard for her. Zach goes in for a hug. Back at the mansion, Miranda and AJ are in their outfits, and she admits she forgot her shoes at Jane's earlier in the day. Heather comes in and they do selfies for Instagram. Heather is in a vintage yellow dress, and since Miranda feels awkward she leaves the two alone.

Evelyn brings the fixed dress to Celia, after she leaves Celia has another scary dream. Dixie comes in, realizes she is upset and they hug.

The episode ends with Lea in Jane's Addiction, seeing Zach and yelling freeze.

General thoughts about the episode:

This episode could be subtitled, let's get ready for a party as except for Dixie and Anders the rest of the material was about the gala. Giving Anders a point of view beyond morose has been appreciated. I liked David's comment about Celia as that is true that the nice ones attack when you don't know when they are coming on soaps, and are harder to predict. Pete is such a momma's boy, and I like that a lot. Opal is the only family Pete has that we see on screen. Miranda admitting that being at the party will be difficult for her, though she does spend time at the Chandler's was appropriate.

Episode 36:

JR and Cara are first up on the red carpet with Opal. She makes them both do a special turn to show off their outfits.

Brooke goes down the stairs, and Dimitri encourages her. She tells him, that she couldn't have done it without him. She fixes his cufflinks. Stella brings flowers from Adam, and he leaves a note that he won't make the party.

Lea points her gun at Zach, as he broke into Jane's Addiction to get Miranda's shoes. She doesn't explain the real reason she is here, but handcuffs him to a chair. Lea takes the handcuffs off, and says that she just wants to talk to him. She apologizes for what happened with Jesse. Zach can't deal with another woman who pushes him away like Kendall did, so he leaves with the shoes.

Colby and David are the next on the red carpet. Opal wonders why they are there, but it makes sense since she planned the party. Dimitri and Brooke discuss Colby and David, and Brooke says this news would make Adam hit the roof.

Billy Clyde is lurking in the background, and we see a dream sequence where Opal talks to him. Pete is with his Opal, and they discuss the auction. AJ comes up to Opal with Heather, and Miranda seems jealous of them. Hunter comes to the red carpet with his parents. Miranda then gets completely uncomfortable. Brooke is holding a necklace from the auction table and Dimitri gives her hand to try it on, but she admits it would be inappropriate to bid on it.

JR tells Cara to relax and enjoy the party. Even though he is an alcoholic, he goes to bring champagne. Colby, JR and Brooke are together, and alone JR admits to Brooke that he doesn't trust Colby and David begin together. Colby tells Pete that maybe you will find your one to true. Pete tells her to be careful to not get crushed. JR comes back stopping Cara and David's conversation. David makes a remark about JR drinking again and leaves, but Cara realizes it is soda water.

Opal sees Miranda and tells her that she has to walk on the red carpet for the gala. Zach says that he's her date, and will walk her down the red carpet. Miranda puts on the shoes, which match her dress, and throws the other pair behind her hitting Billy Clyde in the process. While this is going on Heather says that even though Zach is Miranda's uncle, he is her prince charming.

Opal interviews Dixie as the new head honcho of the Miranda Center. Billy Clyde sees Dixie's remarks about the anonymous donor and looks proud. Seeing Heather and AJ dance, Hunter makes an offensive remark to Miranda. It is something along the lines that she should give it a try to date the other team. Brooke and Dimtri dance. David and Colby continue to flirt, but he wants to cool it. He feels like they made some waves, and that is good enough for him. David says still friends and Colby says they are allies. Celia and Opal look at one another, as she walks into the party. Opal has a vision, and comes between Pete and Celia. Then Colby eyes Celia.

There is a time jump, and Opal gives a speech starting the live auction. She is going to auction off Pete, and Colby gets frustrated that Opal won't call on her. Evelyn tells Celia that he can bid on Pete as her guardian would pay for it. The bid is at $5,400 and Dimitri gets a phone bid for $10,000. Colby is stunned, and Celia says she didn't even bid.

General thoughts about the episode:

Other than Lea and Zach at Jane's Addiction, the rest of the action takes place at the Chandler house. I don't see Lea as much like Kendall at all, but perhaps that is just me. When Miranda threw the shoes, I was horrified as they were great shoes except they didn't match her floral dress. Would her mother's mother Erica toss shoes into a bush? Opal's interviews were just okay, but in a town like Pine Valley it is doubtful people would know the designers of their outfits. At least we now know why Opal doesn't like Celia, as someone Opal has become a touch empath (sci-fi term for a person who can touch someone and see their past.) Dimitri not knowing the phone bidder proves that he is not Celia's guardian, but I hope that is explained on camera soon.

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