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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Days: Reefer Madness

This week on Days of Our Lives, the Salem ladies book club members enjoyed some marijuana thanks to JJ (Casey Moss). These scenes were unexpected as typically accidental recreational drug use isn't shown on daytime television.

JJ made a batch of laced donuts for his friends, but Adrienne (Judi Evans) swapped them with the ones, by his mother Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). So instead of teenagers getting high, we see the ladies of Salem toast with donuts made with Alice Horton's recipe and proceed to get loopy. Oddly, all of the characters thought it was wine only.

The characters met to discuss "Alice in Wonderland", and to share a night away from their children and/or love interests. Jennifer invited Nicole (Ari Zucker) to come, but she was out of place. Jennifer and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) were both married to Adrienne's brothers. Jennifer and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) are cousins, as Jennifer's father Bill and Julie's mother Addie were brother and sister. Back in the day, Julie was a bad girl, are you telling me that she never sampled drugs? Kayla was first a nurse and now practices medicine, but couldn't tell what was going on at the Horton house? With Nicole's horrid background, she should have seen it too. I can understand Jennifer and Adrienne not realizing it even if they knew people who had used drugs. I wish someone had thought something strange was going on and then the others disagreed with the cause of the odd behavior like everyone getting extremely hungry.

What is interesting to me is that this isn't the first time recently that characters used drugs on screen without being called addicts. JJ and his friends do this for fun as does Theresa Jeannie (Jen Lilley). Also Kristen (Eileen Davidson) drugged Eric (Greg Vaughan), but that is a different kind of use. Brady is the one "addicted" character, and thankfully he has been kept far away from the donuts. I wonder where this change of point of view comes from, as typically soap operas are more conservative when it comes to a substance that isn't legal for use in most states.

This wasn't the first time that Alice's donuts were laced, as she did it once upon a time to help Roman escape from prison. That being said, I doubt Alice would have ever imagined what her great grandson would accidentally do the ladies from the book club.

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