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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episodes 37 & 38

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episodes 37 & 38 (August 12, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Note: I number these without the "More episodes" included in the count. On Hulu, these are episodes 51 & 52.

Episode 37:

Blair is surprised that Diego the bouncer was hit by Clint. Dani snubs Michelle, when they talk about the gala. Matthew wants to see Drew, but Destiny is in with him right now. He talks to his parents and then calls Michelle. Nora says he should call Clint.

Viki plays Clint the video on an iPad and says he wants to buy it. Clint gets Nora's call and he rushes out telling Viki it is no longer her concern. Clint comes in and Bo and Clint start to argue. Nora takes Bo away and Clint/Matthew have a moment to talk. Jeffrey comes in and Clint asks him to find the person who made the video. Matthew is shown the video of Clint punching Diego the bouncer.

David and his cameraman have a moment together before Jo his executive producer enters the room. Rama is going to be the villain of the piece. Jo says she'll give Leo a producer credit. Jo and Leo go to shoot Dorian for the reality show.

Dorian and Viki talk about the situation with the gala. Once Dorian sees the video, she feels that it should be released right away so Clint loses his honor. Natalie goes to visit Viki and they discuss what she should do. Natalie thinks she should wait until she goes to see her father.

Michelle comforts Matthew. Destiny comes in with good news that Drew can go home. Nora and Bo hug as do Destiny and Matthew while Jeffrey and Michelle look on awkwardly. Jeffrey has to leave, as does Bo. There are more hugs in relief over the good news. Matthew apologizes to Michelle over not telling her about Drew.

Blair and Tea have a pity party over Todd and Victor. Blair shares how she married Todd. Blair says that Tea needs to go to the Man of the Year Gala. Tea says she is full of rage and Blair needs to get out of it.

Cutter is in Clint's office in regards to Diego. Clint shuts him down and chases him out because Clint feels that Cutter is trying to bilk him again. Natalie comes in and sees Cutter leave. Clint says that Natalie says she should make better friends, but admits he hasn't had anything to drink. Jeffrey and Clint talk on the phone, and we find out that Jeffrey and Viki will post the video.

Nikki and Rama talk about the gala. Blair comes in and Cutter is also preparing.

Jeffrey is back at the apartment. He gets a note about doing a good job from the tattoo group.

General thoughts about this episode:

The way the cursing was edited in the Blair and Tea material was interesting so you can say the "B" word, but not "SOB" strange…as both were used on ABC. I wonder if Leo will get more of a part or just be the cameraman. At least Clint still doesn't like Cutter, though I think Blair should have spoken with Clint on Diego's behalf. I wonder if Nikki wants a sugar daddy of her own.

Episode 38:

Jeffrey is in Clint's office switching out his pills. Matthew nearly catches him. Natalie is angry that Cutter tried to shake down Clint for money. Christopher calls Clint that he is out at the veteran's gala man of the year. Nora answers the phone and Bo talks to Christopher about taking Clint's place.

Carl and Jeffrey are in the suite at the Palace that Todd used. During this scene, we find out that Jeffrey was sent to London to befriend Matthew all those years ago. Also Carl is Allison's brother, and Allison is holding Victor hostage, which isn't what he wanted to happen. Jeffrey and Carl talk about what alcohol and pills will make him manic. Clint threatened to tear Carl's organization apart, which is the reason for drugs. Todd is walking into a trap and Carl will have both of the men.

Diego, Natalie and Cutter discuss the situation at Shelter. Natalie wants to help Diego get what he needs as Diego doesn't have health insurance. Natalie sees the new photo with Bo as she leaves Cutter to get ready for the event.

Bo and Nora decide it is the right thing for Bo to take the honor. Viki and Clint argue again. She tells him to be the Buchanan that he always tells Matthew to be. After Clint leaves, she hears from Christopher. Matthew tells Clint he saw the video; Clint instructs Matthew to bring something to the 14th floor, but isn't specific. Matthew offers to skip the gala to spend the night with his Uncle. In the short moment, Matthew is out of the room, Clint takes out some alcohol, which Matthew notices. Alone again, Clint toasts to himself as no one else will do so.

Tea comes to the party with Dean. Cutter comes out to escort Natalie. Nora and Bo come up and see the others. Nora again tells Bo that he did the right thing. Tea and Blair commiserate together. Nora and Bo speak to Blair, and Bo says that the only reason he is doing it was due to the veterans. Dean goes to Nikki for a beer. Tea tells Dean that this isn't a date. She will never date him because he was her client and a drug dealer. Dean asks if they can be friends. David introduces Jo to Bo and Nora ignoring Natalie, Blair and Cutter. David tells Bo that he deserved the honor.

Dani and Arturo come into the party together. They run into Destiny and Jeffrey by the red carpet. Jeffrey introduces Carl to the others. Matthew and Michelle come up to them, and Michelle and Dani are wearing the same dress. Dorian walks the red carpet alone, and Carl sees her. He offers to escort her, and she agrees.

Viki finds Clint drunk at his desk. Viki says that she loves him, but it is not pity though she can't be with him. Viki leaves with Clint's booze, and before she goes he asks who took his place. Viki is honest and tells him it was Bo. Clint gets another bottle of booze and starts swilling that.

General thoughts about this episode:

Bo and Nora thinking it is okay for Bo to be man of the year makes no sense. They both thing it is a good idea to bait Clint and have him get even more upset at his brother. David liking the idea though was appropriate as he doesn't like his uncle. Clint has an hourglass in his office. That made me laugh though it would have been much more appropriate in Bo's as Bob Woods appeared on Days for a short time in the 80s and Clint should have a lighthouse in his instead but I digress. I liked that Tea knows what Dean is all about. Did Michelle look through Dani's closet to get the same dress? Though I wonder how she could afford something like that. Nice to finally see Ron Raines on screen as Carl, and the tie to Allison gives him a reason for being in Llanview. While Carl is trying to drive Clint insane, I'm glad it isn't cocaine and a hooker, if you are a soap history nerd you may get that, if not here's the explanation. Back in the 80s on Guiding Light, before Ron Raines played Alan Spaulding (Chris Bernau was still in the part), Alan and Jerry verDorn's character of Ross hated one another. Alan wanted Ross to lose an election, and used those tools to keep Ross out of office as a scandalous photo of Ross without his shirt on with this woman was made public.

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