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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episodes 29 & 30

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episodes 29 & 30 (July 15, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Note: I number these without the "More episodes" included in the count. On Hulu, these are episodes 39 & 40.

Episode 29:

Dani, Jeffrey and Matthew are having breakfast. They talk about what happened at Shelter last night. When Dani and Jeffrey are alone, Dani yells about Matthew and Michelle. Michelle is surprised to find Matthew in a room at the Palace. He rented a room for the night for them.

Dorian is still upset with David over what happened last night with Rama. He forgot about his pitch meeting and after Dorian reminded him, she ripped up his hard copy. Dorian mentions Jesse James, (not the outlaw, but Sandra Bullock's ex). David goes for the meeting and slams the door. David meets with Michael for his reality show pitch. Michael falls asleep during the pitch, so obviously it isn't good enough. On the wall, there are posters for America's Got Talons, So you think you can Prance, The Real Housekeepers of Pittsburgh and Llanview's most wanted. On the way out David is standing in front of a poster that says "Who is the hottest?"

Blair fell asleep on Todd's couch and was upset that she slept there. Tea comes looking for Blair as she didn't pick up her phone and Tea hopes that Blair isn't going to go there with Todd. Todd goes to fake Victor's death. Todd says that he and Blair aren't trustworthy, so it makes sense that Tea isn't believing them. Later Blair leaves Todd, and he kisses her on the cheek. She tells Todd that she is counting on him.

Clint goes off on Viki and tells her, that he's done too as he is sick of groveling. Viki tells that Clint was underhanded, and she's sick of him being in control. Nigel goes to Viki to say goodbye. He is disappointed to be leaving under these circumstances. Viki tells Nigel how she is going to lose Llanfair. He mentions how Clint is richer than G-d, and that she should take his help so others aren't hurt financially. Viki went to Clint's office and told him thanks for the money. When Clint and Nigel were alone, Clint says that Nigel deserves a raise for getting Viki to keep the 5 million dollars.

Natalie, Tea and Destiny are in an exercise class together at the high school. Rama also brought Nikki and they speak about Dorian going psycho. Dean is the only other guy at the class and Natalie thinks he is a drug dealer. Jeffrey and Dani also go to the class. Tea starts having problems breathing and Dani wants to call 911. Dean helps Tea to calm down, though she is waiting to go to the hospital.

General thoughts about this episode:

There is a lot of arguing in this episode as both Viki and Clint and Dorian and David are at the crossroads of their relationships. Will one couple survive and the other collapse, we shall see. I think Clint made some good points, but I'm most relieved that Viki listened to Nigel in regards to the money. While Clint overstepped the employees of the Banner shouldn't lose their jobs because she made a bad investment. Dani also is upset, so I wonder if there is something up in Llanview causing the strife. Blair and Todd had sweet scenes as a contrast. The exercise class was something that years ago would have happened at Serenity Springs Spa and not the high school. Nikki was funny as she really didn't want to be there and only halfway did the exercises.

Episode 30:

Natalie goes to pay for food delivery, but Cutter is at the door. Natalie makes herself look better and invites Cutter into her apartment. Cutter doesn't understand why Natalie likes anchovies, but she hadn't planned on sharing the pizza with anyone else. They kiss on her sofa.

Dani is anxious over her mother Tea. She wasn't admitted, but takes her stress out on Jeffrey. Destiny comes over on Jeffrey's request to help Dani. Dani and Destiny get into a fight, and Destiny thinks that Matthew and Dani slept together. Dani admits that she is so lonely she could kill herself and then she is hysterical. Destiny tells Dani not to say that, and they apologize to each other. Jeffrey watches all of this silently.

Matthew bought a bottle of champagne for them. Michelle feels like Matthew did all this to get in her pants. Matthew tells her they don't have to have sex unless she wants to do so. Hearing that from Matthew made Michelle decide she wanted to be with him. They are in afterglow and Michelle was worried she was too inexperienced for him, as it was her first time.

Dorian wants David to apologize and swear that he won't kiss anyone else. David wants her to forgive him. David gets a phone call about his reality show, and tells Dorian he will get back to her on that one. David tells Rama about what happened with Michael Green. Jo gives David a shot even though he called her an industry puke. David goes back to Dorian's house and tells her that he is moving out to a suite at the Palace.

Bo had a rough day at work. She's in tie-dye and they start kissing. Nora mentions her Woodstock podcast. Bo dubs him the night owl, and he changes his voice humorously. They both were there, as she was with her parents and he was with his buddies. Nora gets upset when Bo calls and goes after him. It is raining outside, the radio show has ended. Nora puts some music on and they dance.

Hotel Cinema's Fire Escape plays as a lava lamp appears on screen. We see Matthew and Michelle in bed, Todd and Blair are kissing as part of foreplay.

General thoughts about this episode:

Nora's show went from being about advice to a celebration of Woodstock, that made no sense even if Bo and Nora were both there. It just seemed like an excuse to have them flirt, use 60s lingo and show a lava lamp. I wonder if Michelle is playing Matthew, as she has to know that Matthew has done jerky things to other girls. I wish that they had given Destiny and Dani some scenes together before this episode as their friendship has been ignored for such a long time. While it may be the first intimacy between Matthew and Michelle, it may be the last for Blair and Todd.

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♡Kim♡ said...

I've read your blog for a long time, and just confused about "the last for Blair and Todd." Since Roger is doing both shows, are you saying you know something we don't? just asking....