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Saturday, July 20, 2013

GH: Seven Random Thoughts

This blog entry is about General Hospital and seven random thoughts I have about the show currently, which are subject to change. They are listed in no particular order and include small spoilers/speculation.

1. Kiki was conceived when Silas and Ava had sex and Franco isn't her biological dad. Okay my first issue with this is this story is all about new characters. The only character/actor in this story that has longevity on GH is Chad Duell as Michael, the rest are either new to the show like SORASed Morgan and Ava or in new roles: everyone else Silas, Franco and Kiki.

2. Having Easton, Howarth and Alderson all the in the same story is good news/bad news for some. For the viewers who don't like them: they can easily ignore that part of the series. Regardless of how successful any of them are in these roles on General Hospital for many of us their signature parts will always be John, Todd and Starr.

3. Once Kiki and Michael find out that they aren't related (and I have no idea when that will be), a part of me is hoping that Morgan hooks up with her mother Ava. I wonder if I'm the only one.

4. While I'm curious about who Sam's father is as it is about time they tell us, I wish Alexis didn't share her pregnancy story because Danny has cancer. Having Alexis not even know his name, like the Cassadines wouldn't have known who it was an eliminated the problem. I wonder if they will hire a "name" actor for the role.

5. With Kelly Sullivan (Connie) leaving as she didn't get a new contract, it seems obvious that Sonny and Olivia end up dating again. I hope the story isn't as simple as that.

6. Seeing Georgie and Maxie together again was great though I still hate that they killed Georgie instead of just sending her away from college and wish the show would do a reversal. I'm just waiting for Maxie to have the guts to share that she is the biological mother of her fetus and isn't carrying Lulu and Dante's biological child. Of course, if they really want to put a wrinkle in the story, have the fetus somehow be a match to Danny's bone marrow.

7. Britt made a good choice becoming interested in Nikolas. Out of everyone in Port Charles, he could accept her being Faison's daughter. He knows how it is to have a super villain father as his dad wanted to freeze the world, had him shot, and froze his sister.

General Hospital is a bit of a mixed bag these days. A lot of people have issues with different stories whether it is too much of this or not enough of that. I'm in wait and see mode as I try to give new characters a few months to see if I like them if I am familiar with them from another project.

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