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Friday, July 19, 2013

Days: Six Random Thoughts

This blog entry is about Days of Our Lives and six random thoughts I have about the show currently, which are subject to change. They are listed in no particular order and include small spoilers/speculation.

1. On twitter, I thought about how in some ways Days reminded me of a P&G soap based on the script writing, I realized it is more than that. Basically, the story set-up feels very P&G until they take a turn.

a. Kristen vowing revenge on John and Marlena using Brady to do it. Up until the arc where Kristen decided to drug Eric, I could have seen this plot on a P&G show. (Not that there haven't been drugging stories on P&G soaps like "Sit Down Josh".) Kristen becomes "better" from Brady's love, while Brady unexpectedly falls for someone totally inappropriate due to family ties and the age difference.

b. Rafe and Kate's relationship coming out of nowhere also didn't feel like a Days story as it was slow burn and character based. Once Stefano found out and decided to have Bernardi cut off Rafe's genitals it went into a plot that wouldn't have happened on a P&G show.

2. It is strange how Will's closest friends are his grandmothers Marlena and Kate, though in a way it is kind of sweet. That said, I am amazed that Sonny is willing to put up with Gabi for Will's sake as not many SOs would allow their lovers baby mama to live in the house. Of course, Sonny doesn't have to worry that Will would sleep with Gabi again, but I digress.

3. Stefano's painting being replaced by EJ to one of him and Sami was just odd as it was a familiar promo photo. I just can't see them posing for the photo that was used to make the painting.

4. I like seeing Justin and Adrienne more, as they are the only couple left in Salem that first became involved prior to the century. All the others have been decimated as one or the other in the pair is gone. That being said their conflict is interesting and both are wrong and right. Adrienne had to deal with something similar with Alexander (Justin's son with Angelica) as Sonny has to do with Will. Her fears about Will are understandable,  though it isn't like Justin's family is clean, and the Johnson clan were a total mess. (Her father raping her, and her killing him in self-defense shows that she isn't pure either. ) Justin though is taking risks that may get them in trouble.

5. This week we supposedly saw the last of John Black (Drake Hogestyn) for a good long time. While I'm not a huge fan of the character, I can understand why some are upset. In the old days, sometimes characters just disappeared when an actor left (or were taken off contract). The difference was we knew they were gone, with John it feels like Days wants to have its cake (having the character gone) and eat it too (not have to deal with upset fans as the average viewer doesn't look at the credits). I'd rather Days say he was "off" then use the word "recurring" as if someone isn't taping for months they aren't really part of the program anymore.

6. Jeannie (now going by Theresa) and JJ are the newest odd "couple" in Salem. Theresa is the daughter of 80s super couple Kim and Shane, while JJ is Jack and Jennifer's kid. They have an age difference, aren't even dating and JJ is providing her with drugs. Theresa's half-sister Eve was married to JJ's dad and at times Jennifer and Eve were at odds. So I wish that this was part of the story between the characters. That said, JJ makes his mother Jennifer more interesting as he says a lot of the things many viewers feel about the characters in Salem.

I've rambled enough about the show. I don't think Days is bad right now, but at a bit of a crossroads. There are a lot of stories going on, though the direction isn't exactly clear.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I agree with many of your comments, but feel the show is on the right track. Except for your comment about John, I am a fan of John and Marlena and want them back together.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Nanci