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Thursday, July 4, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episodes 25 & 26

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episodes 25 & 26 (July 1, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Note: I number these without the "More episodes" included in the count. On Hulu, these are episodes 33 & 34.

Episode 25:

Nora invited Viki out to shelter for a meal. They talk about the difficulties of being with Buchanan man, but they begin discussing Nora's online show. David and Dorian come in and look at Viki and Nora. Then later Rama walks up to them and engages David about the reality show. Dorian goes up to Viki and mentions her loss, which Viki denies. Dorian goes back up to David and she gets frustrated leaving the restaurant. Bo comes in looking for receipts and gets Jason Murray's from Cutter. That is who Briana was with that night Rama noticed her making out with an older man.

Natalie and Destiny are hanging out drinking wine outside the coffee shop. They are drinking Brennan wine. Destiny talks about wanting a tattoo since she was 16. Natalie and Destiny go to a tattoo shop. The guy's name is Bobby, and he completes a butterfly tattoo for Destiny. He gets a phone call from Todd, before he can do anything for Natalie. Destiny, who is a bit drunk, shows up at Viki's office and Jeffrey is there. Destiny invites Jeffrey for a double date.

Michelle came over to Matthew and Jeffrey's with something she baked for him. They are a peace offering of mini-muffins that she wants to give him before she goes to visit her parents. Michelle tries to leave, but Matthew offers her a beer. The car alarm goes off again, and Matthew invites Michelle to shelter. They decide to go together, though she admits she isn't a good dancer.

In the classroom, Kate asks about what Jack's favorite song to work out to was, he said  "Infinity" by Head Cleaner. The class ends and Kate assigns homework of writing down the lyrics to your favorite song. Kate asks Jack to stay after class, he wants to transfer classes, but she goes to kiss him.

Tea, Blair and Todd are still discussing the situation with Victor. Blair thinks that the only way to save Victor is to let everyone believe he is dead. Tea says they have to let everyone think he is dead beyond a reasonable doubt. Since Todd and Victor share the same DNA it could be done, but of course Tea wishes that they could just kill Todd instead.

General thoughts about this episode:

Destiny going to work after getting drunk with Natalie was kind of crazy. Who does that? What was she thinking? It was funny that Todd knew Bobby the tattoo artist. Viki and Nora hanging out without their men was a nice change as it was the first time they were alone together since the show started again in April.

Episode 26:

Michelle and Matthew enter shelter and Dani sees them. Nikki is at the bar tonight. Cutter asks for a shot of bourbon, and she wants to help him. Nikki infers that Cutter is not only sleeping with her, but also slept with Briana. She knows that Natalie would freak if she knew what was going on at the club. Dani fakes running into Matthew and Michelle to get an introduction. Nikki asks David if there is anything wrong. She makes him a new drink. Rama interrupts their flirting, and Rama asks if the fight with Dorian was about her. He tells her, he can handle it. Nikki goes and gets Dani's drink (vodka no ice), she walks away. Dani then runs into Arturo, she wants to leave, but agrees to spend some time with him. They are sitting together and discussing Matthew and Michelle. Arturo tells Dani that she's sad, and then says look whose talking. Rama tells David that he can do better, but he says the same about her. David says he wishes he can ask her out, and Rama asks if he has an open marriage. Arturo mentions how he met Briana on March 13 and how she loved fish due to being a pisces. Dani admits that Briana was with someone else at shelter on the night she died. He gets upset and leaves.

Clint comes over to Natalie's apartment. He tells her he was wrong and asks for forgiveness. Natalie listens to him, but says what he did was very controlling. She opens the door to throw him out of her place as she's still disgusted. Clint mentions how he never knew the girl in the photo, and regrets that. Natalie looks to forgive him and they hug.

Destiny invites Jeffrey for a group dinner with Cutter, Natalie, Liam and Drew. He eventually agrees and says this isn't a real date so there is no awkwardness with Matthew. Destiny comes back into the office and they discuss going for ice cream, when she has her break.

Todd gives his plan, get an unidentified body, ask Natalie to fake the DNA and that is it. Tea said there is no way Natalie would do that, but Todd and Blair feel she would to protect her mother Viki. Tea says that they need to tell the kids. She said she'll talk to Natalie, but Todd said he should do it so if anyone hangs it will be him. Todd thanks Blair for agreeing with him, but she says she hopes she doesn't regret it.

Nora and Bo are doing her radio show. A woman calls who abandoned her family and is freaking out, Nora wonders if she can handle it. Destiny and Jeffrey are listening to Nora's show while eating ice cream. Matthew and Michelle join them. Nora gave the person support and she and Bo share a kiss. Destiny leaves to go back to work.

General thoughts about this episode:

Dani and Arturo had weird chemistry. Since they aren't related to one another and he never slept with her mother or Blair, I wouldn't be against it them being paired. Clint pulling the "I never got to raise you card with Natalie" was manipulative, but it worked. He needs her once everything gets messed up again with Viki. I'm not sure I buy Nora's online radio show, as I don't get how all these people are finding it, and calling in especially since Nora isn't a celebrity.

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