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Monday, July 1, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episodes 25 & 26

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episodes 25 & 26 (July 1, 2013) of All My Children.

Note: I number these without the "More episodes" included in the count. On Hulu, these are episodes 34 & 35.

Episode 25:

At Jane's Addiction, JR knows about Kyle having drugs, and Kyle freaks. JR is back at home with the steroids. Cara comes in as she's returned from her amusement park trip with Oliver. Cara gives him a cap.

Zach and Lea are looking at the Uri and Vlad photo. Zach and Lea are acting like a married couple to meet with Mr. Constantine, a jeweler. They show the necklace and find out about Vlad. Mr. Constantine gets really nervous, and wants to leave. Zach pays him 800 for the jewelry he gave to Lea.

Angie and Jesse are told by Dr. Anders that Cassandra is going through heroin withdrawal and she's pregnant. Dixie says that she doesn't know if the fetus is viable due to the drugs. Jesse doesn't want Cassandra to have the child as it will be a reminder of what happened. Dr. Anders explains suboxene to Cassandra as she's in a lot of pain. Jesse is on the phone about Slater. David comes into Cassandra's room, while Jesse meets with Uri outside. Jesse hits Uri, and tells him that Cassandra is pregnant. Uri's henchman is there and holds Jesse, while they attack. Jesse is left on the ground in pain. David and Angie talk outside and he says calls if she needs anything. Lea and Zach come back to see Cassandra, and ask Angie if he can show her a picture. Cassandra knows who they are. Jesse comes back and is hurt, and Angie tells Jesse he needs to be strong.

AJ and Miranda are outside. She's apologizing again. Miranda tells AJ that the only way he'll be safe is if he stays away from her. AJ calls Miranda his life and that he will never let that go. Miranda and AJ get back to the Chandlers. AJ lies about how he was injured, but Cara realizes he wasn't seriously hurt when she looks at his bruises. AJ and Miranda are playing a video game together. Miranda admits to winning the game fair and square three times in a row. It gets awkward very quickly as she is on top of him. She gets off of him, and says she needs to stand up for herself. Cara and JR are out together, and she's proud of his improvement as she doesn't know about the steroids. JR is back at the house and AJ shares what happened with Hunter. JR thanks AJ for being honest, but he does plan to talk to Hunter's father. AJ and Miranda are alone again and hug. The phone rings before anything else can happen between them.

Dixie comes up to Anders at Jane's Addiction. She starts asking questions, and he admits that he is bad at chit chat. Anders tells Dixie that she is the most attractive therapist that he's ever met.

General thoughts about the episode:

The material between AJ and Miranda outside was a bit swoon-worthy if you like them. Though it was too bad he was bloody when he admitted how he felt, even if she didn't realize it. Anders seems like a jerk, but there has to be more behind his behavior. Cara's trip to the amusement park seemed really quick, must be the soap opera time warp. JR started getting fit really quickly from so few steroids, so I wonder if they have super powers.


Episode 26:

Cassandra has a nightmare, she's screaming no, we see the drugs, she's running and breathing heavily. Uri appears and she wakes up from it. Jesse hugs her. Lea and Zach think Vlad has disappeared off the face of the earth and perhaps both Vlad and Uri are dead. Zach tells Lea to get dressed as they have work to do. Dr. Anders tells Cassandra that she should be up and walking. Jesse wants the doctor to take it easy. Anders tells Dixie that he doesn't pamper his patients. He considers himself professional not impolite. Zach gives Lea his theory that Uri killed Vlad and is trying to frame Zach for the death. Jesse finds out what Lea and Zach discovered. Angie and Cassandra return back to the room. Lea and Zach are back at the office looking at dental records. Angie and Dixie discuss telling Cassandra about the pregnancy. Jesse literally runs into Joe, who says that they are living a parents' worst nightmare. Joe says that all Jesse needs to do is be there for Cassandra and Angie. Angie tells Cassandra that she's pregnant. Cassandra and Angie cry together as we have no idea what Cassandra plans to do.

Cara is showing JR the eagle pose in yoga. He loses his balance and they fall down together. Dixie comes in to remind them of David's interview on Talk Tempo. Before the interview starts Dimitri tells Brooke to give him hell. Brooke introduces David before we go to the opening credits. We see Cara and JR watching and Dimitri, Colby, Pete and Celia are in the studio. While there were tragedies in his life in Pine Valley, he also had triumphs. David says that Cortlandt may turn around the economy. Colby pulls Pete away from Celia with a silly excuse. Brooke asks about the party where Marissa died.

Cara isn't sure she should get involved with JR because of what happened with David. Everyone warned her to stay away from Hayward, and now she's chosen another questionable guy. Cara explains how she is going to be leaving Pine Valley soon to rejoin her son in Puerto Rico. Until Cara leaves, she'll be his physical therapist.

Pete and Celia chat for a minute and Colby interrupts. David and Cara run into each other at Jane's Addiction. He asks about the interview and she says he did a good job. Cara admits that the guy in the video reminded her of the one who helped her through her cancer scare. He says that he's still that man, and that he wasn't talking just about Marissa. David says he is trying to accept what she did and he apologizes to her. With tears in her eyes, Cara tells David that she is so sorry, and David thanks her for that not knowing her secret. JR and David run into each other. JR says that David can't bring him down, and they discuss his recovery from the coma. JR leaves and we see a reaction shot from David.

General thoughts about the episode:

I wonder if there was more to Brooke's interview with David. There were a few missed opportunities in the discussion. I think we are supposed to be torn for Cara and David and Cara and JR. At this point, I'm for Cara and David. Seeing Joe for a few minutes with Jesse was a nice touch. I hope that Cassandra's pregnancy situation is handled decently and we see both sides. The Miranda Center should be involved in this material as well and not just be with the Hubbards.

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