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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episodes 29 & 30

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episodes 29 & 30 (July 15, 2013) of All My Children.

Note: I number these without the "More episodes" included in the count. On Hulu, these are episodes 40 & 41.

Episode 29:

Cassandra is still upset about her pregnancy. Since she was raped more than once she has no idea who the "father" is, and wants nothing to do with it. Angie cares about the fetus, and wants her to change her mind. Dixie comes into the room and comforts Cassandra. Angie goes to see Dr. Peterson to talk about the family's situation. Jesse wasn't available, so she went alone. Angie explains what Cassandra went through in captivity and references what happened in the real world. Cassandra tells Dixie, that she couldn't deal with the baby. Angie is worried that she will alienate her daughter, and mentions how she found Cassandra in a dumpster.

Jesse leaves a message to Tad, as he needs his best friend. Joe asks if he can help, and Jesse goes to talk with Tad's dad. Jesse admitted everything to Joe in regards to how he helped Uri, though we don't see this discussion. Joe tells Jesse, he's not a bad man and made his choices to help his family. Jesse says Uri will go after his family if he goes to the Feds. He tells Joe, that he will tell Angela what is going on before he does anything else. Before he can admit what he did to Angie, he is arrested.

Bianca is looking at pictures of Miranda and does this throughout the show. We see the promo shot of Bianca and the book. Lea and Zach talk about how they almost had sex. They both agree it was good that they stopped before anything more happened between them. Zach goes to get her another coffee, and Lea answers her phone. Miranda and AJ run into Zach, AJ goes to get snicker doodles, though Zach doesn't know what they are. Miranda gave Zach a picture she drew of her cousins. Since Zach is now free, Miranda and Zach will eventually have dinner. Before they leave Zach tells AJ to use sunscreen. Lea mentions how Zach and Miranda are related and Zach states it is more complicated than that. AJ and Miranda are back at the Chandler Mansion. They got stuck in the rain, and how the same thing happened when they went to the beach with her mom when they were six. Miranda admits that she wishes her mom was in Pine Valley. AJ goes to get some homemade frozen yogurt, while Miranda looks at a photo of her and her Mom. Miranda's phone rings, and Bianca is on the line. Lea and Zach are back at her office. She gets evidence about Jesse and how tells Zach how was investigating Jesse. Miranda shows AJ a picture she drew of them, and then they eat their desserts.

General thoughts about the episode:

The general theme of this episode was mothers and daughters and somewhat juxtaposed Cassandra's current pregnancy, how Angie became Cassandra's mother, and the truth behind Miranda's conception though that was glossed over though people who have watched for years know she was conceived in a rape. I liked that they didn't forget that Zach and Miranda are family. Having Jesse and Joe talk was great, though it felt like the scene was cut.


Episode 30:

Colby comes into Jane's Addiction and makes an order that everyone can hear across the room. Colby and Celia talk for a minute about the party, but Colby leaves to go to Pete. Celia and Jane agree that Colby rubs them the wrong way. We then see Pete with a bat, and Opal comes in with breakfast. Pete is upset that she used her key for emergencies to do that. The company is now Cortech instead of Cortlandt Electronics, and Opal says you could call it Palmer Palooza if it was successful. Opal says that Sam was the last hurrah and that is over, so she is done with love. Pete wants to help his mom find something to be passionate about like a new business.

Zach asks how Lea could lie about investigating Jesse. Jesse is wearing handcuffs, and Zach wants to talk to him alone. Zach asks if he can talk to Jesse alone and if the place is bugged. Angie comes in and Jesse wants to share the truth with the both of them. Jesse tells them how he spoke to Cassandra, the evidence from Uri and the rest. Zach tells Jesse that he won't turn his back on Jesse. Zach and Lea speak alone as Zach was packing his bags. He is upset with her for destroying Jesse's life and is glad that nothing happened last night. Angie attacks Jesse over what he did. She is concerned that she'll have to visit him in prison and that they have been in this place way too many times.

Colby comes to Pete's and she gets into Opal's face. Pete comes in and wonders why they are both there. Opal leaves after making one additional stab at Colby. Pete tells her that he has a meeting and needs to go. She leaves her sunglasses and tells him that she'll see him later. Colby and Celia are back at the Chandler's discussing the gala. Pete has a meeting with Dr. Anders. Anders says he can see what he can do in regards to Joe endorsing David's discovery. After his meeting, Pete goes over to the Chandlers to bring Colby back her sunglasses. Pete and Celia talk about the party. He offers to be the bachelor that an be auctioned off for charity. Pete tells Celia that she is the only one he wants.

Dimitri gets some tickets for Brooke and him to go to Washington DC on business. Dimitri shares his plans with Brooke, and she agrees.

General thoughts about the episode:

The closed captions had Carter as Martin, which was confusing as AMC naming any character Martin considering the Martin family would be extremely idiotic. The material with Brooke and Dimitri seemed to come out of nowhere. Even though Pete wants his independence from his mother Opal, while living in Pine Valley, he does love his Mom. I like that  about the character. Angie getting frustrated and angry with Jesse over his actions was needed. If she just forgave him, that would have been pushing credibility.

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