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Saturday, October 29, 2011

ATWT: Secrets and Scandals Disc 2

In this entry, I am going to write about my thoughts on the second disc of soapclassics.com As the World Turns release.

Episode One: September 29, 1979

In this episode, the denizens of Oakdale go to the ballet. Very few of the characters featured in this episode were familiar. We got to see Barbara (Colleen Zenk), Don Hastings (Bob), Eileen Fulton (Lisa) and Larry Bryggman (John). Nancy (Helen Wagner) was at the ballet, but really didn’t do much. Tom was there, but I didn’t know the actor who portrayed the part at that time. He just seemed so much older than I would have imagined. Judith McConnell played a character named Valerie, but I exclaimed Sophia Capwell at the screen thanks to Santa Barbara. Peter Simon (best known as Ed on Guiding Light) played a musical conductor named Ian. He had a heart attack during the ballet performance, so he had barely any lines. Bob saved his life, but John advised him to get himself off the case, as he was involved with Dana. Elsewhere, Lisa was dealing with Bennett, who wanted to marry her, but she was still married to Grant. There were flashbacks to earlier scenes between Lisa and Grant, and it seemed like Lisa did not want a divorce from him to marry Bennett. Tom interacted with Lisa, along with a waitress who had scenes with Valerie. This episode had opening and closing credits.

Episode Two: June 24, 1987

This episode was shown in the last few years on CBS, when they had soap opera reruns over the holidays. Lily (Martha Byrne) finds out her who her biological parents were. Josh (William Fichtner) raped Lily’s biological mother Iva (Lisa Brown) when she was thirteen years old. Josh had been using the name Rod Landry around Oakdale. This was not incest though, as both Iva and Josh were adopted cousins and not blood related. (If either had been biologically a Snyder it would have put a cramp on the Lily and Holden pairing) Lily considered Iva her best friend, and was devastated that everyone had been lying to her. Iva blurted out what happened as she was freaked that Jake was going to attack his own daughter. Lily was just upset about Craig. Meanwhile, Sierra (Finn Carter) was dealing with the disappearance of her husband Craig (Scott Bryce). We were told that Betsy and the pilot were found alive, but Craig was completely missing after a plane crash. Margo (Hillary Bailey Smith), Dusty (Brian Bloom) Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard) and John went to try and console Sierra. Casey (Bill Shanks) and Lyla (Anna Sward) also tried to help Sierra. Dusty, Lucinda and John became involved in Lily’s story as Iva showed up with the news about Lily finding out about being adopted. Lucinda and John initially were upset with Iva, but once she realized why Iva told Lily she understood. Lily ran away in disgust. At the farm, Sabrina (Julianne Moore) and Seth (Steve Bassett) interacted. She went to draw, while he worked. Emma (Kathleen Widdoes) told her son what Sabrina was feeling. Sabrina had a crush on Seth, and he tried to let her down easily. The episode ends with Margo (Hillary Bailey Smith) going on search for Craig in Greece, and Hal (Benjamin Hendrickson) joined her on the plane. Earlier in the episode, Hal and Barbara talked about Craig’s situation. This episode had opening credits, but lacked closing ones.

Episode Three: August 2, 1999

In this episode, baby Parker Dixon is revealed to everyone that he is Parker Munson. He is not John’s son, but Hal’s meaning the millions of dollars Carly (Maura West) got from her sister Roseanna (Yvonne Perry) was based on a lie. Roseanna set up a trust fund that Carly had to be married to the father of her child to get the money, and since John was not the father she would lose all of it. John’s heart broke as he lost another son, and Hal wanted to do right by the boy. Barbara supported Hal, as they were again committed to each other. Jack (Michael Park) was upset as Carly lied to him again and his brother Brad (at this point John Loprieno) told everyone the truth. Carly’s cousin Molly had change the paternity test. The other main story going on in the episode was Denise (Cassandra Creech) signed over the papers giving custody of her daughter Hope to Lily. This episode had opening and closing credits.

Episode Four: June 18, 2001

In this episode, the boathouse gets hit with a Molotov cocktail. The bomb went off, and Barbara was seriously burned. Jack was to meet her at the boathouse, but went to tell Carly first. Carly took Hal with her, and they arrived just before the fire started. Jack was safe, but overheard Barbara fighting with someone unknown that was assumed to be Craig (Hunt Block). Craig made plans to leave Oakdale for Hong Kong, as he was supposedly bilking his wife Barbara. Hal still loved Barbara, but their relationship had become rocky and she moved onto Craig. Barbara was seriously burned, and the evidence she had for Jack was destroyed. Hal tried everything to help Barbara to fight, while the paramedics tried to save her life. Carly went to the psych ward to see Julia (Annie Parisse) to make sure she was not responsible for the fire. Finding out Barbara was injured made Julia even more upset and unstable. Meanwhile, a memorial service was held for Luke and Holden. Lily freaked out and said that they weren’t dead. Simon (Paul Leyden) and Jake (Tom Eplin) believed they had a lead to their location, as there were no bodies. At this service, Emma had her sons Seth and Caleb, and Lily’s grandfather Cal (who were not longer regular characters) to lean on due to this situation. Rose was also at the service with her father. Lily broke down and she left with Simon who told her what he and Jake had been doing. The show ended with Luke sitting in a cell of sorts and someone being dropped into the room presumably Holden. This episode had opening and closing credits.

Episode Five: May 9, 2006

Luke (Van Hansis) comes out to Lily and Holden and Holden threw Jade out of their home. Luke had been lying to his mother, while his stepfather figured out his sexuality. Lily wasn’t sure how to be Luke’s mother anymore, while Holden was more sensible about the situation. It was also Mike (Mark Collier) and Katie’s (Terri Conn) wedding day. Jack had to arrest Mike for stealing jewels and a murder in Montana. He didn’t book Mike, so Katie and Mike had some alone time together. Paul (Roger Howarth) told Emily (Kelley Menighan-Hensley) that she was pregnant with their child. She decided to abort the baby, and Meg (Marie Wilson) was upset over this situation. Barbara and Susan (Marie Masters) also fought over their children’s situation. This episode had opening and closing credits.

That’s my summary of the second disc of the ATWT set. While there were secrets and scandals, I appreciated that we got to see more than one story in nearly every disk, which gave a better picture of life in Oakdale during the time each episode originally aired.

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