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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - December 2018

Below is my December entry about "Neighbours" for 2018.
Delaney, who is barely legal, came to Erinsborough, and is a member of the Renshaw family that Leo sent to prison. She knows what Leo did, and made him break up with Terese to date her. Delaney also told Paul he was a murderer. Paul is keeping this from Jane, and after a car accident, he saw his late father in a Christmas ball. Earlier in the month, Paul and Jane slept together, she initiated it, after being given Dipi's tea. Kirsha didn't know that is what the other kids planned, and Elly, Susan, and Dipi found them in a classroom.

Gary started committing crimes again to make money to pay off Amy. He drove stolen goods from her construction site, for example.

In the 8000's episode, we met Val Grundy, who died the same day. She has a dog name Reg, (which was a play on Reg Grundy who was involved at the show's beginning.) There were references to other past things as well. The dog ended up moving into the Brennan house after Clancy didn't like her.

Finn's half-brother came to town, and explained how Finn was a hostage for months. This probably explains his issues. Susan may still be in trouble with the law, and Liz came back to town. She snarked at Susan, and caused problems for Bea and Elly. She tried to undermine Bea's singing, but Bea was talented (as a girl, she got so nervous she peed herself singing "Oh Holy Night") and Liz laughed at her daughter. At the Christmas party, she sang two songs with ease, as Ned encouraged her.

Chloe kissed Elly, which was a surprise. Elly had proposed to Mark before she knew he didn't have the illness. Aaron would not have Huntington's either, but any child, he would father had a high probability, so if he and David wanted kids, David would have to be the donor. Liz also returned Chloe's Christmas card to Elly, but Reg the dog found it. This caused strain between the two women.

On New Year's Eve, everyone was out partying, and Xanthe considered leaving town to go to university. The money was tight, but Ben told her via Facetime (or the Australian equivalent) about getting a position where she could study, work, and afford classes. Piper was going to miss her best friend. Yashvi did fail school, and would have to repeat her final year. Liz gave Dipi tarot cards, and Dipi got the death card.

Willow came back to town and discovered her grandmother was at Toadie and Sonya's place making believe she had their best interests at heart. Alice locked up Willow, so Sonya could not be rescued. Toadie found Willow, and then they found Sonya. Sonya was in the hospital, but was able to be home for the holidays.

Those were the highlights of December 2018. It was weird seeing the show over the holiday. Of course, the whole Stefan Dennis, Guy Pearce fight over "Plain Jane Superbrain" was hilarious in the last few weeks.

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