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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - December 2018

Below are my thoughts on December 2018's "Hollyoaks" - this is not sequential.

Goldie was a suspect for killing Russ, but was let out of prison, once the police got a letter that Carl, Glenn, and Russ were all offed by the same person. There was no evidence it was Breda, we also saw her flashback on Christmas to how she killed Sylver's father as she was the nanny to a boy, actually called Peter. So Sylver and Mercedes were not blood related, and Breda wanted Sylver not to turn himself into the cops. Mercedes meanwhile had a one-nighter with Liam thinking that she lost Sylver, when he found out what happened with Liam he was so upset.

Prince had surgery to remove the lump. He had cancer, but now it was gone. Lily and Romeo made up after Grandma found her and told Lily what was going on with her husband. Their marriage fell apart again, once Lily's ticket out of the village was found.

Mac and Donna-Marie conspired to get Cindy's house. Mac changed her pills to vitamins, and she had to go back into care. Romeo was disgusted by this, but felt stuck. He wanted to tell Alfie the truth, but didn't want to ruin his sister Juliet's life, as this would put Donna-Marie back into the oldest profession.

Laurie got a job at the school, and had to take care of the pageant. Donna-Marie was blackmailing Sinead, due to them both selling themselves, which Laurie didn't know. When Laurie found out, he nearly ended it with Sinead, but later they reconciled, and he cheated on her and paid for it.

Yasmin and Ste clashed, and the new manager of the bean helped Ste. Then he announced that he was also Pauline's son.

Louis and Leela were going to get married, the wedding was stopped as it came out that he slept with both Simone and Martine. The ladies were upset with Leela, but their father came to town, and convinced them to help the other woman as Daniel was a baby. Breda attacked Louis and now is holding him on her family's pig farm.

Mandy realized that her baby could be Luke's instead of Darren's as the child has spina bifida like a member of Luke's family. Luke said that since he was in prison, Darren should be the father. Mandy told Darren about the illness, and he was upset at first, but then supportive. Earlier Nancy and Darren fought about custody and it still was not resolved.

Lies were influencing Brody and Damon, as Damon went to the police and said he heard a conversation about the abuse as a child. Before this the prosecution had decided to not pursue this. Sienna knew what was going on, and told Maxine. This caused a fight between Maxine and Damon, and on New Year's Eve, she was passed out on the street.

Those were the highlights for Hollyoaks December 2018. The Christmas pageant was amazingly bizarre, offensive, and hilarious, no way that would air in the US. The song Liberty performed at New Year's was nearly as funny, though not as offensive.

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